Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    that all looks fine, but i need to see your configuration file!
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    oh sorry my bad miss read that

    okay here is the settings.txt I believe thats what you mean by the config file
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Well basically its down to the fact I use the TriggerCmds plugin alongside BOSEconomy... To save you looking what the other plugin does, it allows you to link commands to buttons and levers, and I have a building functioning as a bank on my server, where players can visit and withdraw/deposit and generally manage their finances by pressing buttons. Instead of creating buttons for each player to execute their own "/econ bank deposit" commands or whatever, I created buttons to do jobs, such as deposit 100, deposit 250, etc etc, and because the "/econ bank deposit" command requires the bank name, it would require each player to be able to pass something along to the "/econ" command to identify themselves to BOSEconomy so it would know how to handle the request regarding which bank account... and TriggerCmds currently allows you to pass the player's name as an argument to any command it executes, so the only way to handle such a job without having masses of buttons for each player was to set up each button to pass the player's name as a variable in place of the bank account, so in short, its necessary that players have two accounts under BOSEconomy... one as a player, and one as a bank, so they can easily transfer their own money to and from their own accounts without using a single command.
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    That is what your configuration file should look like.

    That is rather smart. Didnt know triggers existed yet. Hm... well then i see your point in why you would want this option for ease of control and simplicity with the setup.

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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Yeah, its cool, but sadly doesn't work any more with BOSEconomy 7.x, might revert to using 6.x until you guys can look into it. Glad you understood how my setup works... it's hard to explain and better seen in action rather than written down. But yeah, it is very simple to use once its set up, and allows for very realistic handling of accounts... it is a testimony of how great Minecraft plugins can work together, so I hope you guys find a solution :)
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    okay thanks very much also when I learn more about this I will be willing to make you guys wiki if you want might be useful
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    Btw BukkitUpdater its saying that the plugin its outdated BOSEconomy 7.1 > 0.7.1, i know its not, but just saying.
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    we already have one up, if you want to post and help out that woudl be great!!! MAKE YOUR WIKI STUFF HERE!

    Um, bukkitupdater is not managed by me. Not sure what you mean its outdated! :p Link me to the post and I can notify the creator of the plugin!

    I am certain we will. Just need to narrow down where the code is conflicting. Honestly i feel its part of the saving. Due to the very delicate nature of the process its rather complex and causes a slight opening for flaws. For this we put all your stuff to the memory and save it using the save interval. This is proving to be an issue with our SQL update since SQL injections would need to be instant and not reside in memory.

    This should be as simple as finding out where it causes the void entry and then removing or fixing up that. Although, as you could imagine this is pretty minor since it only effects you! :p I dont mind getting it resolved though because people might try your exact setup as well so good to have it fixed before it does become a major issue.

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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Sure, I understand that at the moment its just me with this issue (probably!) but yeah, the potential is there for other users to come across the same problem. If its possible for you, perhaps set up a test server and try it out yourself, just a matter of typing "/econ bank create <yourplayername>", "/econ add <yourplayername> <randomamount>" and then finally "/econ bank deposit <yourplayername> <sameamount>", saving, shutting down the server, reloading the server, logging on as the same player, and typing "/econ bank withdraw <yourplayername> <sameamount>". In my situation, you should get the message "Could not find a bank account named '<yourplayername>'." This is obviously wrong, since it was created during the previous session.
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    0.7.2 update info inbound within a few hours! :p

    0.7.2 update coming out tomorrow. nothing special in it but your bug fix you wanted. Might have some other bugs cause he was forced to rush the code. So... as usual back your stuff up before you update! Also, we just created a BOSEcon listener for votifier. This means you can now give your people BOSEcon money if they vote on!

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    Is there a getRank(Player) API in BOSEcon, or have I missed it?
    I'm adding BOSEcon to my plugin, and rank is one of the things I've included when I was working on it with just iConony5.
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    Um... nice, this is actually fucking great since Spout is allowing some nice stuff. We dont really have a rank, per say. Unless your talking about the people who have the most money? We have a top5 option that shows the top5 people who hold econ and are not part of an excluded bracket. Is this what you mean?
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    Yea, that's what I meant. A function that returns a players standing in "Who has the most money".
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    hm... not sure, i asked cosine, he should get back to me shortly. Just go through the API at the top... there is something that said Top, and it talks about returning player rankings... maybe that is it. I am sorry I am not the coder. I am just the guy who controls the direction and manages the general issues.
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    Chrome found "top" 8 times, once in the OP and that talks about the "Top 5" feature.
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    Yeah, top5 is our ranking system. I found it in the API, ill link you where i found it.

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    That is, unfortunately, useless to me as that function returns void (public void tellBankMessage) which is nothing. I'm looking for a function that returns something like int (integer) or String (text).
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    it is probably there, i just dont know the code well enough. I will have Cosine go over it tomorrow. I might be able to talk pr3vention into looking through it but no promises. Will post when i get your information.
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    Thanks! It might be inside the functions that run the Top 5 command, but might not check everyone.
  23. Yeah Out of no where after running 48hours the server started accumulating money for players. Though the first 24 hours no one gained money. Not sure what the glitch was. Works perfect now. GREAT!! and thanks again!!
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    First off, I'd like to mention that this is an excellent plugin. I like it a lot and it flows perfect with my server. I was hoping someone might be able to clarify what each of the parameters meant within the brackets.txt file.

    King {
        disabled false
        excluded false
        locked false
        onlineMode false
        type wage
        value 500.0
        members {
            grafikal 1
    2.....disabled false
    3.....excluded false
    4.....locked false
    6.....onlineMode false
    8.....type wage
    9.....value 500.0

    1. I know it's the name of the bracket. No problems here.
    2. ???
    3. I think it if it's true then players in this bracket are excluded from the Top 5.
    4. ???
    5. ??? (Can someone explain the concept of master or mastering a bracket or in general how it's even used in this plugin?)
    6. You get paid even if you're offline if set to false. You get paid only while playing online if set to true.
    7. ??? (Is there something more to this? Or does this just mean that it's set to pay every so often as dictated by the settings.txt?)
    8. ??? (What other types are there and how does this affect the plugin?)
    9. ??? (I don't know how this value affects anything. I thought it was how much a player in that bracket made per PayDay, but apparently it is not since I'm only being paid 8.33 coins per interval... So how is this used?)
    10. Self explanatory, lists members after #10.

    Someone mind going over these 10 points - either to say I'm wrong or to explain each one?
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    I have looked through the code for how top 5 works and currently there is no support for such a function; however, I have provided a possible solution to Cosine. I will try working with him to have a rank function available soon since it's a pretty simple addition to make.
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    Here is an idea, it returns -1 if server has rank off (admin is anti-competitive or something), 0 if unrankable (in a banned bracket or banned from server) and the rank as some positive integer.

    Edit: Just though of something else, add the opposite function: given rank, return player. I would use that to give the top five something pointless like a hat or something else with no value or some kind of VIP thing.
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    1) Name

    2) At some point you might want to turn off a bracket from paying, without removing all the members and making it again, This features lets you do that.

    3) If set to true, anybody in this group will not show up in the Top5 list

    4) Locked means people cant join or be added to it.

    5) A master means who is the parent of the account. If you set a player to the master of a bracket, that means ALL MONEY the bracket pays out will come from that master account. We do this to create a closed economy system. Have the World total money be a bank account, then have the brackets pay from that by setting the brackets master to the World Money. This lets you setup a chain. In our server all noble pay comes from the king. All peasant pay comes from the Nobles. You see?

    6) If set to true you ONLY get paid if your online.

    7) paymentInterval is complex, and I have a tutorial to explain this. Easiest way to explain this, you can set each bracket to have its own payout times if you wanted. This means for more complex systems where you might want one bracket to get paid hourly, you set this on the bracket. Then on another bracket you would want them to be paid every 5 hours. So you would set this to 5 hours.

    8) Wage and Sub are the ONLY two options right now. Wage simply means it pays out. Sub means its a subscription based bracket and it will charge the players that are in it. We use to charge rent for massive land owned on our server.

    9) This is how much they will make for each wage period. If the wage period is not set it will pay out whatever the pay interval is set on the main configuration file.

    10) All members you want in the group.
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    Ah, excellent. Ok, so about #9 here, I have my configuration as so:
    debug false
    default-wage-bracket Citizen
    default-wage-interval 1 hour
    fractional-digits 0
    initial-money 50.0
    money-name coin
    money-name-plural coins
    payday-interval 1 minute
    save-interval 20 seconds
    silent-wages false
    use-op-permissions false
    use-permissions-plugin true
    The payday-interval atm is 1 minute for testing purposes. However, where is there a wage period to be set? I have the payday-interval set, which grammatically I think is the same thing. Where do I set the wage-period to be? I would like to have different wages per hour depending on the bracket, however while I have the King's bracket VALUE set to 500 per 1 minute, I'm only actually being paid 8 coins per 1 minute. Also - I've noticed, that after I log in my first payday is actually 3 coins, then every payday after that is 8 coins. This is on the per 1 minute testing.

    Also on #7, the paymentInterval, would I write:
    paymentInterval 1 hour

    paymentInterval 5 hours
    for each bracket to change them from being the same as dictated by the configuration?
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    Its simple but not. I had the same problem when i first talked to Cosine on how he did it.

    in the your "settings" file you need to realize those are DEFAULT values.

    Payday interval is used if intervals are not set on the brackets. ( my setup ) The way interval is for the default wage if no wage is set for the bracket. ( on my server i have both set to 2 hours ) In your brackets file, any bracket YOU DO NOT want to pay out based off of the "settings" file you need to set. So

    paymentInterval should be how often you want the bracket to pay out.

    There is another complex system where we calculate payments by day. In the future we want to have a command that you could type called /payday force that would pay all players on the spot based off of the last time they were paid. That is why it was setup this way. That is not integrated yet and that is why you might be confused. If your goal is simply to have every bracket pay out a different time set the paymentInterval to whatever the timeframe is you wish. They will only get paid during the PAYDAY time though, so it will add up each payment and then pay them when its paydaytime.


    Payday every 5 hours
    Bracket paymentinterval 1 hour
    your paying 1 coin

    This means, every 5 hours your players will get pay of: 5 coins.
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    In your example, is the "your paying 1 coin" equal to the VALUE in the brackets.txt?

    Tell me if I'm close to how this works:

    payday-interval 1 hour​


    paymentInterval 30 minutes​
    value 10​

    paymentInterval 30 minutes​
    value 100​

    So, in 1 hour, a Citizen will have made 10 coins. His bracket pays out every 30 minutes, so per Pay Day he makes 5 coins. For a King, in 1 hour he will make a total of 100 coins. His bracket also pays out every 30 minutes, so every Pay Day, he makes 50 coins.

    Is this the correct assumption? So the paymentInterval, in the brackets.txt, could be considered someone's weekly pay check, whereas the payday-interval, in the settings.txt, could be considered as the length of their yearly salary.

    So the above is basically the same as saying this:

    money-name dollar​
    money-name-plural dollars​

    payday-interval 52 weeks (1 year)

    paymentInterval 1 week​
    value 19968​

    paymentInterval 1 week​
    value 80080​

    So Citizens would make $384 per week, while the King makes $1540 per week.

    Yes? No?
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    ... yes and no. Your numbers are correct but the wording is a bit off.

    Think of payday as the Monthly pay, or end of the week pay. Where as the wage is like your hourly wage. You still get paid at the end of the week but the wage is like how much you would make per hour until the pay day. So if you get paid more often ( a smaller wage timeframe in brackets.txt ) your pay out based off of the payday interval ( in the seetings.txt ) will be higher. And the inverse is true if you set the wage to a longer period you will get paid less on the payday interval.

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