Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Easy to install, watched the vids. Only question I had after that was answered on page 11 of the thread here (what 3 lines under the brackets.txt files meant: excluded, locked, onlineMode.) May want to add that info to a video or faq, ignore me if I just missed it in all the info given and it is already there. Thanks again for making such a great plugin.

    Have it working fine on Bukkit 1056.
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    harsh but i love it XD!
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    Sorry I think I should have worded that diffrently whos the author of the permissions plugin?
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    No clue... sorry, you can find the permissions 3.1.6 thread and find out.
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    Im sorry if this is a really stupid question but Im new on bukkit how do I do that? Is there anyway to send me a link to the first post of the thread? Or the first post of the plugin page? That would really help :p
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    Thanks a lot! That really helped!

    Do I download the full zip or just the main jar?

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    ZIP usually includes the JAR+CONFIG file the author has made as a reference
    JAR is just the PLUGIN, this usually auto creates a config file, when server is reloaded/started

    in short

    if your updating get the jar

    if its the first time use, then get the zip, but i dont think it would matter anyway they both give you a config

    (i use CAPS instead of bold as a habit, sorry) :eek:
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    k thanks for the info Im not very good with permissions plugins.
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    well i dont use permissions at all, and that info i gave you was a general rule of thumb (if you will)

    as for helping you with permissions i am not your guy :p

    but definitely poke around the Thread where you got the plugin, GL


    updated BOSE to 0.7.2, and still have the Multiply problem with RealShop

    so i think that further supports what you said about it being the RealShop authors implementation

    i hope he gets on top of it quickly :(

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    Sorry to hear that, go post on his page. I dont use realshop anymore as our server moved to ConomyChestShop.

    Dont take this the wrong way, but this is not the perms thread. I gave you guys a video to show you how the permissions file works with our plugin, but I wont be giving a video how to setup permission in general. Sorry

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    lloyd menzies

    Hi ive got a problem with the plugin. Jobs and Bose are working fine... Just /econ top5 does not work... it displays

    BOSEconomy - Wealthiest Players

    Then thats all, what am i doing wrong here thanks.
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    @lloyd menzies do you have "excluded true" under all of your brackets in your brackets.txt file?
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    lloyd menzies

    Fixed thanks.
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    No problem :)
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    For some reason after I downloaded it it didn't make a config file and the permissions plugin is diffrent from the one in the video. And plus it didn't work BECAUSE it didn't have the same options that where in the video.
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    Seriously, hon. Post in the other author's thread. They are more likely to be able to help you.
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    ConomyChestShop you say? i havent seen that anywhere *searches madly* :p
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    Permissions plugin is not different, i have no clue what you are doing or what is wrong. Sorry some people are beyond help. This is the easiest shit to setup with all the videos i have made. I cant make it any easier.

    Think its called ConomyShop now, use to be called iConomyShop, i have a link for it in our supported plugins at the top and it even says ( my 1st fav ).

    Was typing this and then read this... fucking epic brosif thanks for the support.
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    yeah thats where i got realshop but and i didnt look back there but i found it seconds after i replied to you ;) and it is very well done altho RealShop was a little more flexible/interactive this certainly fits the bill thanks very much
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    Ya I know but for some reason I AM getting the groups and users files but there diffrent from the ones in the video so I couldn't do what you said to do and it gave me files like CHANGLOG, RENAME-ME, README and PermissionsSql.jar which is a Java file I did get just the plain Permissions Java file but I didn't get the permissions folder so I don't know what the heck is going on. I didn't put a message about it on the Permissions Plugin Page though.
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    Well go look at the permissions 3.1.6 page and look at their how to guide.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I think I just broke the world record for the longest facepalm ever.
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    This isn't too hard to accomplish with an awesome plugin I found called websend

    Although personally Im coding a custom economy system using php and integrating with Websend, this is great work :)
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    Good luck, nobody said its hard but we didnt want to add sql support because of the complexity it poses to the common user. The idea of this plugin was simplicity. As it gained in popularity features got added and the complexity is vastly different than the original purpose.

    If we do make an SQL version it would have the choice of SQL or flatfile.
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    Hi i just wanted to let you know that there is a typo in the permissions section for:

    The command wont work or show up on the help page until mastry is changed into mastery.

    I forgot to ask what do these nodes do:
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    I know that iConomy limits the least incremental value to 0.01 (so adding 0.333... only adds 0.33). Does this plugin do the same? What is the least incremental value?
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    Wait, i heard that this will get multi-world support like the plugin multiverse. Is this true and when could we expect that update?
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    This is outdated documentation from when those commands were originally mispelled. I'll ask Riuthamus to update this.

    These are also out of date and no longer exist. The bank income command was replaced with the bank info command.

    The least incremental value can be specified in the settings, and may range from 1 to 0.000001 (0 to 6 fractional digits, respectively). The is a plugin hook called getFractionalDigits() for this purpose. Note that it returns the digit count, not the least incremental value; you'll need to convert it. The method getMoneyRounded(double money) can also be used to automatically round a value to the appropriate number of digits. If you intend to hard-code this value, you can use 0.000001. Just keep in mind that it could be changed in future updates.

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