Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    I would, if you would post your configuration files. Settings, Brackets, and Accounts
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    Sorry, I got it now, i was not using brackets. But i am now, and i was wondering how can i set it so that only people that are ONLINE can earn money. So when the are not on my server the will not receive a payday?
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    there is something called, online, set that to true
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    Everytime i type a command it just goes to the help command except when i type a command that is on the help list. The problem is my help list is only 6 pages long so it does not show the commands like /econ add/sub/set and many other things. Please help how can i fix this?
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    step 1) read the posts here...
    step 2) in case you dont read them ( which you wont ) i need to see your config files
    step 3) I am 100% positive you do not have permissions setup properly.
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    i think it went wrong at step 3...
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    i turned it to true. But now i am getting random paydays?? like 30 coins then 90 coins? i just want it to be 100 coins every payday.
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    In case of error refer to step 2!

    problem solved or more issues?

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    Hey,just wanted to know,is there any plugin that converts essentials eco money to boseconomy?
    Because essentials eco is the biggest piece of sh*t i've ever seen, i removed support for it from my plugin! If there is a tool to do that,i'll just put a link to it from the main post,and tell em to switch to your plugin! Thanks!
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    No tool exists currently. We are working on making one for iConomy and for Essentials, but both plugins are pretty different from ours so its rather complex. It is in the works...
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    what the hell is the commands for this thing. i need a money plugin and my friends is really nagging me to get this but there are no commands listed anywhere on this page ?? you should have really put more effort into this man.
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    lol, read the front post you noob. Has a video with a noob friendly how to guide. l2read or gtfo!

    Okay, cosine got 7.2 up, im doing a local test to make sure no crazy bugs exist and if all goes well will be releasing it tomorrow.

    then you suck dick at this. Please, for the love of god people READ THE FIRST POST. There is a video that shows you how to use the help stuff... so simple.

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    I watched the dang video didn't tell me everything I wanted to know just please tell me what I want to know please. And I'm REALLY sorry if these type of questions are getting REALLY annoying.
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    Im sorry about the last post and I deleted it but I do have a question I tried to give myself $5 but I checked how much money I had and it was still $100. This plugin is not connected to a permissions plugin but I do have iconomyChestShop could that have any effect on the fact that I got no money?

    Sorry about dat stupid question.

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    umm well everything you really need to know is all the in the in game help system i mean hell i am a new server owner and i have 0 problems with this plugin from day one just saying and there has been a ton of effort put into this but this is all just my opinion.

    anyway on to my question i rember reading some where in this thred there was something about being able to rent land or something just wondering if that was implmented already or is that comeing up in the future and keep up the good work

    @ButtChew "So far we are only using an economy system for shops, players will make money off selling items. We will have no "admin shops" so anything sold on the server has to actually exist first."

    thats pretty much what my server dose as well it has been working out rather well so far

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    btw is the video on the first post an older verson of BOSEconomy? Because with the BOSEconomy I have there's only 7 pages and less commands or is that like a promo video for vision 7.2?
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    That is something wrong with his plugin, or the way we are doing the API for it. I will speak with him if he gets stuck and cant figure it out.

    Not sure i fully understand, sorry. As for the banks, you can type /help and it will show you the commands to make a bank, So im not sure you really understood what the video was saying. No problem, and yes it gets old hearing these same things 50000 times when the answers are within most peoples finger tips by simply looking. I apologize for taking it out on you....not my intention but seriously the /help command tells you EVERY command and the syntax for it as well.

    what command did you use to GIVE yourself 5? If you typed /pay 5 that means your taking 5 from yourself ( so you now have 95) and then your giving yourself back that 5, ( bringing you back to 100 ). You need to use the /econ add command.

    If you only have 7 pages it means you do not have BOSeconomy.admin.*, if you do have this setup in your permissions file please re-download and make sure you have the most recent version.

    Good to know these systems work. Like i said i could not possibly imagine all possible scenarios nor would I even try. I am very glad to hear its working out.

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    thanks very much :D

    nice swift simple reply :p

    much appreciated
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    Ya I typed /econ pay (username) 5 well that solves that problem last question and Im sorry if this sounds noobish but how do you get BOSEconomy.admin? I looked at the first post and didn't see it or does it come with the 7.1 download of BOSEconomy?
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    You have to have a permissions plugin. This means 3.1.6 at this point in time. Soon we plan to have bukkitperm support.
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    Cool thanks and I think this is a great plugin!
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    Add MySQL save :d
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    Nope, SQL is not a primary concern for this. Although, we have talked about making and SQL version with a website interface for web based transactions.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    For anyone experiencing problems with this plugin, fear not, help is at hand! Please click the spoiler below for a full HOWTO.

    HOWTO: Set up BOSEconomy on your Bukkit Server (open)

    1. Learn to read. If that involves going back to school, do so.
    2. Use your new-found reading skills to read the first post in the thread.
    3. Go back and actually DO step 2.
    4. Now follow the instructions provided, and you're done.
    5. If you've reached this far, you've obviously not intelligent enough to complete 4 simple steps, and therefore not intelligent enough to operate a computer. Please log off, and never come back.
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    How would one go about making a tax? I tried making a standard wage bracket with a negative value, but it didn't work.
    Also, is there a list somewhere of all the parameters for stuff? Like all the bracket types? I watched the video and it wasn't in there.
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    That is the "In Game Guide", the parameter guide and setup guide comes out today with 7.2, just woke up and will be releasing them within the next 2 hours. In this new video i will go over how to make a bracket, what each option is, as well as the player file, and the setting file.

    EDIT: Just realized I did not answer your question. Although the answer is already in the 12 pages here... you need to setup your bracket type as a sub. No negative values will work. Change the bracket type from wage to sub.

    Setup Guide added, encoding the other videos now for in game setup, as well as permissions setup.

    EDIT: 7.2 is now live, the other videos are uploading to youtube as we speak. I will be working on the full HELP GUIDE website today. We might even have a cool utility for people soon. BOSEcon on the rise baby!

    Also note, 7.3 update is coming out shortly and the main focus of this plugin is 100% translation support. Our plugin has reached to the far corners of the globe and we are getting numerous requests for language support. Because of this we are writing out a simple system that lets you convert our plugins text into a *.txt file and then set the language preference you desire in the setttings.txt file. We do not know how long this will take but it doesnt seem like it should be too long from our initial estimates. We will add in any other bugs you find.

    Must have missed this, sorry. What we do on our server is we charge players rent for merchant plots. To do this you make a bracket and set the type to sub instead of wage. We then add people with modifiers based on the size of land they own. For example, i have 5 shops so i get charged 12x normal when compared to somebody who only owns 1 shop or half of another shop. In my advanced file setup guide i show you how to modify brackets, although I dont go into detail about subs since its very unlikely other people will use it.

    If you really wanted to get complex you could even make sub based brackets for taxes. Set the master of the sub based bracket to a national bank account and then set the high ranking people to be paid from that and then have everybody else paid from the high ranking people. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

    EDIT: Added the advanced in game guide. This shows you how the plugin works with the game, and shows you some of the missing commands that people seemed to lack an understanding for. Banks, Add money, Sub money.

    Added 2 more videos! The full setup guide is now in place. I have also added a download to the FULL HD 720p versions of the videos. This is in case the youtube videos are too low quality for the more crappier internet connections. You can download the video guide package and watch them whenever you like in HD.

    EDIT: Added the Votifier Listener for those of you who use it. As you can see this is our biggest update push to date!

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    What permission plugin am I suppost to use 3.1.6 the plugin of tormmorow or a diffrent one?
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    We use 3.1.6
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    Thanks for telling me!

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