Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Oh nice. What is the difference between bose and ico? now that ico has its own bank.
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    Simplicity of design. iConomy was made with the idea of controlling all aspects of the econ system ( this is my opinion btw ) and that works in many ways but its flaw is it reaches too far and too fast that it has spread itself thin. This was the core concept behind BOSEcon. We wanted a plugin that would handle currency and currency alone. For this reason you wont find any shop options or any other crap that will weigh the system down. Let the people who utilize the plugins hookins work with the econ system we created and thus keep the system light weight but as powerful as it needs to be to get the job done.

    Now that this plugin is one of the number one econ plugins we have support for almost all major plugins. This means there is very little reason ( in my opinion ) to use a system that is heavily weighted down with unneeded options and cluttered code. I would also argue that our plugin has helped to further shape the future of econ plugins because of our forward thinking outlook. We were one of the first plugins to add player owned and group owned banks. We would have been the first plugin with tax brackets and taxing systems integrated but school got the better of our main coder.

    All in all, each system has a perk that can or cant work for you. As you can see I am very proud of the work we have put into our plugin and thus why so many use it.
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    True. Bose is more light weight.
  5. Ah Good thing I read through the threads, thought BOSE was gone and was considering taking it out of AllPay if that was the case, glad to see it's not! :p
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    This works with 818?
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    This works with 818!!

    It wont be gone. Promise... One thing i hate about common coders is those who get a plugin all good and then abandon it and say "life is just too hard" fuck that... your lazy! :p

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    I like that this plugin is simple econ plugin.

    I have 3 questions...

    1) Is there a way to edit accounts outside of game?
    2)Is there a way to backup player balances?
    3) What happens when i change online-wages=false to true?
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    1) Yes, just access the files in the config folder and edit. Simple as that
    2) Just copy the balances file and put it to another location
    3) This means they will ONLY get paid if they are online.

    A solid build of bukkit is out for 1.6, can we get this plugin authorized so we dont have to be in submission anymore please?

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    changelog has to show two last versions without a spoiler

    and NEVER use a plus sign in CB version, use a range if you really need to, but latest RB is enough
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    This plugin is working great on 818!

    Some suggestions I would add:

    To explain in further detail on your first post what each of the setting in the config file do. Because I though online wages were for displaying them on a web page until I asked. Or add # comments in th config file itself.

    Also have an option to disable interest chat notification.
    On my server I have it so players earn 1 money every minute they play. So they would be receiving a message every minute.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Fixed, but your requirements DO NOT state the need to show changelog outside of a spoiler. If it does its hidden cause i did ctrl+f changelog and got something saying state the latest changes up to 2 or 3 if you have it. There are also several other plugins in the approved section that do not have these standards. Some of them dont even have a changelog at all....
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    1) I am actually making a new video that will go over every feature in perfect detail!

    2) The chat notice disable/enable is a great idea. Thanks Ill get that added in with the new update to 7.0.

    Added a list of 7.0 changes, as well as added future list for 7.1!

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    Phoenix is the inactive 2.7 permissions right? Isn't the new one 3.x?
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    Yeah, good catch I need to change it.
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    Not sure if there is a huge difference, i'm using 3.x with this BOSE and its working fine.
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    The guy didnt change the way permissions works with other plugins, so there is no change. Just need to ensure we use it properly for the 7.0 update. 7.1 could break some things.... since we are redoing most of the code.
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    The new decimal support, does that include making it seperate coins and dollars type money? So if I want 1.04 to appear as a payment, the person recieves 1 dollar and 1 coin, or whatever they specify as large coin and small coin? Or is it restricted to keeping the decimal showing, such as 1.o4 dollars?
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    No, this is just a way for decimals to work. It works like the US Dollar but nothing like a Copper, Silver, Gold, system. That would be three separate things to work with and is not the aim of this system. We could work on a different way to view it.. since its still just a decimal based system. Hmmmm, now that I think of it, it might not bee to hard. Ill see what we can do.
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    Thank you! Yes, it is still decimal based on my server, just like dollars, but seperated coins and dollars (just renaming of them) makes it more immersive. I appreciate the plug in being simple, and would hate to make it overblown.. Wasn't trying to suggest that. Just a renaming of the coinage would help.
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    hey what are the commands?
  22. what are the commands?
    how do i see how much money i have?
    how do i create bank account?
    no infos at all
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    There is a video that shows you those things...
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    Can I make it so that I am not notified every time I get paid? I want my players to get 1 currency piece for every minute they spend playing, and those notifications would get pretty annoying.
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    yes this is already an added feature in 7.0 for that very reason
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    You could make it so that after a certain ammount of time the user is then changed into the next bracket up allowing them to earn more money for playing for a longer time. Because i wouldnt really want to go through possibly 100 users to change them all to the next bracket if you know what i mean//

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    So far, AMAZING Alternative! Conflicts with a lot less plugins than iConomy :D
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    That was the point, its just econ and econ only! :p although iConomy creator has created register which is really helping smooth the process. So dont go hating on him too bad!
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    One more thing, do you think you could just make a very basic command something like /trade (player) (id) (amount) (for item/coinamount) so you could give another user your item and have it be used for long distance trades? The plugin you currently have listed does that same thing (way more in-depth than needed) but is horribly out of date.
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