Inactive [ECON] BarterSigns v1.2.5-fix - Player owned sign shops that trade in items [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    v .1.2.5-fix

    Create sign based bartering shops. Each sign can sell one type of item and collect many different types of items for payment. Signs are simple to setup and very self explanatory.THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT USE ANY ECONOMY PLUGINS! I may support them in the future though.

    • Player owned sign shops that deal in items.
    • Sell a specific amount of 1 item for a specific amount of multiple items.
    • Intuitive, command-less sign interface. (ActionMenu API)
    • Signs can be indestructible.
    • Signs can drop items upon breaking.
    • Optional permission use.
    • Option to have BarterSigns override other sign plugins.
    • Signs can have a max stock limit in either total item count or total stack count.
    • NO reliance on ANY economy plugin.
    Attention: Version 1.1 will break your old data files.

    Unfortunately I made a mistake in my choice of yaml key names, I have converted items to be ItemID,ItemDurability instead of ItemID:ItemDurability. You can manually update your data stores, if you know how.

    This plugin uses Superperms and has a simple 3 permissions:
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • bartersigns.admin - grants sign owner menu privilege on every Barter Sign. Includes the following two permissions.
    • bartersigns.create - allows user to create Barter Signs.
    • bartersigns.use - allows user to use Barter Signs.

    If you do not wish to use permissions, they are disable-able in the config.yml.

    download plugin

    German language file by @MrPikPik and xGhOsTkiLLeRx
    source code

    1. Install the plugin like any other.
    2. Create a sign with the first line reading: [barter]
    3. The plugin will guide you in further usage.
    If you have trouble understanding what to do from the in game prompting, please share your issues. My goal is to make this plugin explain it self.

    The configuration file in 1.2 is now commented for your convinience!

    This plugin uses my ActionMenu API to create the sign owner menus. This API has allowed me to create a menu on signs where I chose right-click to scroll through the menu and left-click to activate the menu selection. When the API is released it will be extended to work with Bukkit's Map API and Spoutcraft's GUI API.


    Version 1.2.5-fix
    • Fixed for use on 1.1-R5+ (That means 1.2.5-R1.0!)
    • Resolved an error caused by removing worlds that had signs.

    Version 1.2.5
    • Added new items (from 1.0.0) to the signs.
    Version 1.2.4
    • Fixed compatibility with Towny.
    • Fixed NPE when breaking signs still in the setup phase.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Added new version of usage statistics so that Bukkit version stats are also sent.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Added usage statistics.
    Version 1.2.1

    • Added support for Towny's shop plots.
    • Fixed some NPEs related to the new override config option.
    Version 1.2

    • Fixed some sign text that was too long due to color codes.
    • Added a commented config.
    • Fixed some over looked item name length issues. (And suphlur (sp) is now Gunpowder). This change requires you to delete your old item.yml.
    • Added a new option to enforce max stack sizes.
      • This causes any items sold to be split into multiple stacks if the amount is greater than that item's max stack size. No more stacks of 64 soup!
      • This also causes the sign stock limit to be a number of item stacks instead of total item amount.
    • Added a revenue stack count to the revenue menu item.
    • Added a config option to override other sign plugins when operating a BarterSigns sign.
    • Changed the default use/create permissions to true for when using permissions.
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    Kurai Ookami

    so small problem I'm not quite sure what's wrong we had a power surge and it shut down the server after trying to start it up I get the error
    Show Spoiler

    00:02:12 [INFO] [BarterSigns] Loading BarterSigns v1.2.4.
    00:02:12 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling BarterSigns v1.2.4 (Is it up to
    date?): special characters are not allowed
    unacceptable character ' ' (0x0) special characters are not allowed
    in "<reader>", position 0
            at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.checkPrintable(StreamReader.ja
            at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.update(
            at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.<init>(
            at org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.load(
            at org.bukkit.util.config.Configuration.load(
            at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.config.ConfigIO.load(
            at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.BarterSignsPlugin.reload(BarterSignsPlug
            at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.BarterSignsPlugin.onEnable(BarterSignsPl
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    and the signs no longer function at all, any help would be greatly appreciated

    EDIT: Found out what happened, the abrupt shutdown of the server corrupted the data file replacing every entry with a NUL marker of some sort. Had to delete the Data file and let the plug-in generate a new one.
  3. Hey Im trying to set the permissions to false and I see that I must alter that in config.yml but I don't seem to have a config.yml file. Any suggestion as to why that may be?

    (Usepermissions that is)
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    Any Update for R6 Server ?
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    how can i amount the stock faster then just klicking all the time ?
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    Thanks for an awesome plugin dumptruckman!
    I am currently working on a Norwegian translation of BarterSigns (you can upload it here if you want to). Is it possible for you to add the Norwegian letters æ, ø and å?
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    Can you update ur plugin so it works with minecraft 1.2 and 1.3?
    When I put it into my plugin folder, it doesnt even create its own BarterSigns folder.
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    Please update this amazing plugin!
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    Kurai Ookami

    Was just wondering, is there any plan in the foreseeable future to update this plugin?
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    Hello, can you update the bartersign?! If you have enough time, thank you!
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    Doesnt work yet. :( 1.2.3
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    Still doesn't work.
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    Seems there is still a long way for this plugin to update.
    Is there any barter function plugin instead of this one?:(
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    Derek S

    This plugin makes the people on my server happy :) Please update this great plugin. Its one of the very few that is commandless, graceful and avoids the burden of a bloated monetary system. It's a great addition to any semi-vanilla server.
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    Hey this plugin doesn't work for 1.2.5, server hosts have tried to update it however there are still issues with it? Is this ever going to be properly updated or will i need to go somewhere else?
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    I am currently in the middle of a complete rewrite of this plugin. It is taking time, that's all I can say. The old code was so terrible (I was a java noob when I wrote it!) that I couldn't bring myself to simply update it, it needed to be rewritten.
    Once the new version is done it will be far far easier to update in the future. I know it's taking a while but I have a lot of plugins to care for. I haven't forgotten this one!
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    super is a unique plugin
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    Cheers for the reply, can't wait for the new and improved Barter Signs as there is no other plugin that seems to provide this feature, as there all based on economy these days! My whole server is eagerly awaiting this update :p
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    Okay guys. I've been having a really hard time trying to get this plugin rewritten. I don't know when that's going to be able to be finished. As such, I decided to dredge through the old crappy code and at least make it work with latest MC. It is available in the DL link up top.
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    Thanks for keeping us updated, I look forward to when you get the time to finish reworking it. It was my favorite "shop" plugin so I'll be patient!
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    When I restart the server the shopsigns are no more working.

    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    ... 12 more
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at$1.execute(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.listener.BarterSignsBlockListener.onBlockDamage(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.sign.BarterSign.getMenuIndex(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.Packet14BlockDig.handle(SourceFile:43)
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.dig(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callBlockDamageEvent(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO    at$1.execute(
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.event.EventException
    30.04 17:26:58 [Server] SEVERE Could not pass event BlockDamageEvent to BarterSigns
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    When I place a sign with [barter], the shop isn't created. Also get this in the log:

    2012-05-06 15:22:53 [SEVERE] Could not pass event SignChangeEvent to BarterSigns
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.Packet130UpdateSign.handle(SourceFile:41)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Caused by: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Expected static method com.palmergames.bukkit.towny.object.TownyUniverse.getTownBlock(Lorg/bukkit/Location;)Lcom/palmergames/bukkit/towny/object/TownBlock;
        at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.listener.BarterSignsBlockListener.onSignChange(
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        ... 10 more
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    After setting up all the things, the plugins tells me to "leftclick with an accetable item to make purchase". I want e.g. an torch as payment. So i hold a torch in my hand and left-click. The message still appears.

    Any Help?
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    i can't buy anything because i'm an admin. please fix this :)
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    Derek S

    Give yourself these default bukkit permissions nodes with PermissionsBukkit (or whatever you use) and then you can op and deop yourself in order to use Bartersigns. Its a work-around, but its better than not being able to use this plugin.

         bukkit.command.op.give: true
         bukkit.command.op.take: true
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    solved it ;) i can buy on my own signs while crouching . BTW i've got another error. some signs are dropping down after entering [barter]. After reloading everything is working again. And another error :D : After a server restart i have to reload to get the signs working again. The signs are showing the main screen but doesn't react.
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    hey, i want to put money as a payment instead of an item how do i do this?
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    Use another Plugin :D
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    Kurai Ookami

    hey dumptruck haven't heard any news on this plug-in in months. Any news or progress report to keep us eagerly waiting?
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    When i type on a sign: [barter] it comes up with you do not have permission to access that sign? I am the owner of the server and I don't know why it isn't letting me use it?

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