Inactive [ECON] BarterSigns v1.2.5-fix - Player owned sign shops that trade in items [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    v .1.2.5-fix

    Create sign based bartering shops. Each sign can sell one type of item and collect many different types of items for payment. Signs are simple to setup and very self explanatory.THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT USE ANY ECONOMY PLUGINS! I may support them in the future though.

    • Player owned sign shops that deal in items.
    • Sell a specific amount of 1 item for a specific amount of multiple items.
    • Intuitive, command-less sign interface. (ActionMenu API)
    • Signs can be indestructible.
    • Signs can drop items upon breaking.
    • Optional permission use.
    • Option to have BarterSigns override other sign plugins.
    • Signs can have a max stock limit in either total item count or total stack count.
    • NO reliance on ANY economy plugin.
    Attention: Version 1.1 will break your old data files.

    Unfortunately I made a mistake in my choice of yaml key names, I have converted items to be ItemID,ItemDurability instead of ItemID:ItemDurability. You can manually update your data stores, if you know how.

    This plugin uses Superperms and has a simple 3 permissions:
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • bartersigns.admin - grants sign owner menu privilege on every Barter Sign. Includes the following two permissions.
    • bartersigns.create - allows user to create Barter Signs.
    • bartersigns.use - allows user to use Barter Signs.

    If you do not wish to use permissions, they are disable-able in the config.yml.

    download plugin

    German language file by @MrPikPik and xGhOsTkiLLeRx
    source code

    1. Install the plugin like any other.
    2. Create a sign with the first line reading: [barter]
    3. The plugin will guide you in further usage.
    If you have trouble understanding what to do from the in game prompting, please share your issues. My goal is to make this plugin explain it self.

    The configuration file in 1.2 is now commented for your convinience!

    This plugin uses my ActionMenu API to create the sign owner menus. This API has allowed me to create a menu on signs where I chose right-click to scroll through the menu and left-click to activate the menu selection. When the API is released it will be extended to work with Bukkit's Map API and Spoutcraft's GUI API.


    Version 1.2.5-fix
    • Fixed for use on 1.1-R5+ (That means 1.2.5-R1.0!)
    • Resolved an error caused by removing worlds that had signs.

    Version 1.2.5
    • Added new items (from 1.0.0) to the signs.
    Version 1.2.4
    • Fixed compatibility with Towny.
    • Fixed NPE when breaking signs still in the setup phase.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Added new version of usage statistics so that Bukkit version stats are also sent.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Added usage statistics.
    Version 1.2.1

    • Added support for Towny's shop plots.
    • Fixed some NPEs related to the new override config option.
    Version 1.2

    • Fixed some sign text that was too long due to color codes.
    • Added a commented config.
    • Fixed some over looked item name length issues. (And suphlur (sp) is now Gunpowder). This change requires you to delete your old item.yml.
    • Added a new option to enforce max stack sizes.
      • This causes any items sold to be split into multiple stacks if the amount is greater than that item's max stack size. No more stacks of 64 soup!
      • This also causes the sign stock limit to be a number of item stacks instead of total item amount.
    • Added a revenue stack count to the revenue menu item.
    • Added a config option to override other sign plugins when operating a BarterSigns sign.
    • Changed the default use/create permissions to true for when using permissions.
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    Actually, it works. Not very well mind you, you just have to right click about twice before it moves to the next screen. And the signs remain blank. Blank and buggy, but functional.

    Most people won't have the patience to figure out that they still work, so we need an update. Plz.
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    Is there anyway i can edit english.yml so that it dosent get overwritten. I love this pluggin but i would really like to personalize it to me and my servers preferences.

    Also it works fine with my 1.0.0 bukkit server. I cant tell you what build as i update to the newest build every couple of days but i've had no problems at all. :D

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    Derek S

    I also confirm that this is working in MC 1.0.0 CB build 1540. My users and I love this plugin and hope it continues to be updated.

    New 1.0 item IDs for items.yml

    373,16: 'Awk Potion'
    373,8192: 'Mund Potion'
    373,64: 'MundX Potion'
    373,32: 'Thick Potion'
    373,8197: 'Heal Inst I'
    373,8229: 'Heal Inst II'
    373,8195: 'FireRes 3:00'
    373,8259: 'FireRes 8:00'
    373,8193: 'Regen I 0:45'
    373,8257: 'Regen I 2:00'
    373,8225: 'Regen II 0:22'
    373,8201: 'Str I 3:00'
    373,8265: 'Str I 8:00'
    373,8233: 'Str II 0:22'
    373,8194: 'Swift I 3:00'
    373,8258: 'Swift I 8:00'
    373,8226: 'Swift II 1:30'
    373,8196: 'Poison I 0:45'
    373,8260: 'Poison I 2:00'
    373,8228: 'PoisonII 0:22'
    373,8200: 'Weakness 1:30'
    373,8264: 'Weakness 4:00'
    373,8204: 'Harm Inst I'
    373,8236: 'Harm Inst II'
    373,8202: 'Slow 1:30'
    373,8266: 'Slow 4:00'
    373,16389: 'S Heal Inst I'
    373,16421: 'S Heal Inst II'
    373,16387: 'S FireRes 2:15'
    373,16451: 'S FireRes 6:00'
    373,16393: 'S Regen I 0:33'
    373,16457: 'S Regen I 1:30'
    373,16425: 'S Regen II 0:16'
    373,16385: 'S Str I 2:15'
    373,16449: 'S Str I 6:00'
    373,16417: 'S Str II 1:07'
    373,16386: 'S Swift I 2:15'
    373,16450: 'S Swift I 6:00'
    373,16418: 'S Swift II 1:07'
    373,16388: 'S Poison I 0:33'
    373,16452: 'S Poison I 1:30'
    373,16420: 'S Poison II 0:16'
    373,16392: 'S Weakness 1:07'
    373,16456: 'S Weakness 3:00'
    373,16396: 'S Harm Inst I'
    373,16428: 'S Harm Inst II'
    373,16394: 'S Slow 1:07'
    373,16458: 'S Slow 3:00'
    111,0: 'Lily Pad'
    112,0: 'Nether Brick'
    113,0: 'NethrBrickFence'
    114,0: 'NethrBrickStair'
    116,0: 'Enchant Table'
    369,0: 'Blaze Rod'
    370,0: 'Ghast Tear'
    371,0: 'Gold Nugget'
    372,0: 'Nether Wart'
    374,0: 'Glass Bottle'
    375,0: 'Spider Eye'
    376,0: 'SpiderEye,Fermt'
    377,0: 'Blaze Powder'
    378,0: 'Magma Cream'
    379,0: 'Brewing Stand'
    380,0: 'Cauldron'
    381,0: 'Eye of Ender'
    382,0: 'GlisteringMelon'
    121,0: 'End Stone'
    2258,0: 'blocks Disc'
    2259,0: 'chirp Disc'
    2260,0: 'far Disc'
    2261,0: 'mall Disc'
    2262,0: 'mellohi Disc'
    2263,0: 'stal Disc'
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    I love it.
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    Not sure the cause of it but some signs after being made into normal signs after going to the "stock" page it seem like sartersigns just looks track of it and all items in the sign are lost.

    Also the stock count messes up time to time. It will be set to 64 but the sign changes it back to one so you have to go back to the stock page and move it down one then back up and it will keep the 64.
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    YAY \o.o/ its working with minecraft 1.1!!!
    craftbukkit version 1714

    i use bpermissions
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    Not working for me :(
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    Hey everyone, I only just realized people have been posting messages here... For some reason i stopped getting notifications. I'm going to see about rolling out some fixes but I won't be adding anymore features for the time being. I have plans to completely rewrite this plugin to be better than ever!
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    Hello I speak Portuguese and live in Brazil and do not know much about plugins so I wanted to know what to do to create a store with this plugin
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    Read the topic. I don't see how my english is going to be easier for you to understand the second time around.
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    What is not working for you? It seems to work fine for me on 1795 (or somewhere around there).

    Big thanks, I'll add these in just a sec in 1.2.5.

    Yes, simply make an english2.yml or something... It explains this inside the enlgish.yml file.

    For everyone else, I AM going to be making a NEW and IMPROVED version of this plugin. I was highly considering spout for some very interesting features BUT I have reconsidered and at the very least I will be bringing signs with ticker text (ie, it scrolls to the left so more can fit on each line.) It may be a while though because I'm going to be making the new version mostly from scratch.
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    I am sure you are getting hammered with additional ideas, so I thought I would add to your misery as well. :) On the server we play on we have a very nice community where players have setup shops to sell most anything. My sister and I provide enchantments. When enchanting something like a diamond pickaxe, we would really like to take two forms of payment at the same time.

    What I mean by this is we would like to be able to charge 3 diamonds, to recoup our material cost, and then maybe something like 10 gold ingots for payment of the actual enchantment. For a diamond shovel, we would charge 1 diamond and 10 gold ingots for the same enchantment. (See what I am driving at)

    I am not sure how difficult this would be, programatically speaking, but thought I would put it out there for you to consider.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Speaking of... Do enchantments actually persist when selling through the sign? I would think not (in the current version.) But yeah, I was actually thinking that whatever you put as acceptable payment could become broken down as a per unit kind of deal.. I know that doesn't really make sense because I don't know the correct way to word it but an example would be like so: You sell item for 20 gold bars or 2 diamonds. Someone could then buy your item for 10 gold bars and 1 diamond.

    However, this idea may only really work if i was going to make BarterSigns require Spout, which WAS my intention but has since become a scrapped idea (because of the big hubbub about spout, it just doesn't seem like a stable choice.)
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    i have a problem with removing the signs where are the commands
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    There are no commands. Use the sign menu.
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    k but how do u remove them
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    Dude, friggin read the signs.
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    This is fantastic, I've been wanting to have shops/trading posts without needing to use a currency plugin or oversee each transaction. Thank you for creating this!
  22. Hi, do you think you could add support for Spout? I've been hearing from others that Spout has been conflicting with the Barter Signs plugin, and we all think we would ALL be at a loss if we had to remove this plugin. Thanks!
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    Ben Coveney

    Hi. Thanks for the great plugin, really well designed and thought out. I have a couple of requests that it'd be really helpful to see implemented:

    I'd like to make it so that either each player can only build the shops in a certain area, or that they're limited to a certain amount. I've no idea how feasible it'd be to implemented so that shops could be set up within a certain worldguard region or to set up a limit with the permissions groups, but it'd be a really useful function and would limit players to selling in market areas or to picking a certain few items they're going to specialise in trading.

    The other request would be the ability to give a sign an infinite stock of something. I've been using your mod to sell spawn eggs and save people dragging mobs around with wheat, but filling them up with individual eggs at a time can be a bit of a pain.

    Thanks again, overall a great mod. If you pm me a paypal account I'd love to throw some beer money your way.
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    Your speculation was correct. Enchantments do NOT persist in the sign. If you place an enchanted bow in a sign, you get a plain old bow when you submit payment.

    Still, my original suggestion holds true. There are times when I still may want two different items as payment. Maybe I am trying to collect the components to make powered minecart track. So, I would ask for 1 gold and 1 redstone as payment for something (purely as an example), etc...
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    Kurai Ookami

    just from tweaking with it myself if you ever have a moment where you can take a bit of sever downtime (namely because the default update speed on the plugin is so high) you can go into the YAML Data file and alter the signs stock to ridiculous numbers.It's pretty fast just search for the items ID number and make sure it's the right sign location.
    Aiding others aside, I love this plugin and find it very easy to use. I know it's not necessarily in the planing but if/when you ever did some form of iConomy support I'd say this would be the best bartering plugin I've come across yet.
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    I'll see if I can't add in Vault support when i remake this plugin. :)
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    Kurai Ookami

    awesome >w<
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    doesnt work for Bukkit-1.1-R3-b1846jnk yet.
    I get this error. However i did download 1.2.5

    2012-02-01 14:56:47 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling BarterSigns v1.2.4 (Is it up to date?): null
        at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.sign.BarterSignManager.updateSigns(
        at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.sign.BarterSignManager.<init>(
        at com.dumptruckman.bartersigns.BarterSignsPlugin.onEnable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    2012-02-01 14:56:47 [INFO] [CommandBook] Loading CommandBook v1.6.
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    Is it possible to store more than 1 item per time? If I want to add 12x 64 stacks of one type of material to a signshop.
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    Kurai Ookami

    yes it is when you set a sign to sell in stacks you can then only add to it in said stack size for example if you set a sign to sell eggs by the dozen then when you go to add inventory it will only allow you to add eggs by the dozen. If you have less than the stack sizeyou keep it and it tells you you don't have any of the item left
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    Just wanted to ask real quick. Do you plan on continuing to develop / support this plugin Dumptruckman?
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