Inactive [ECON] BarterSigns v1.2.5-fix - Player owned sign shops that trade in items [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    v .1.2.5-fix

    Create sign based bartering shops. Each sign can sell one type of item and collect many different types of items for payment. Signs are simple to setup and very self explanatory.THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT USE ANY ECONOMY PLUGINS! I may support them in the future though.

    • Player owned sign shops that deal in items.
    • Sell a specific amount of 1 item for a specific amount of multiple items.
    • Intuitive, command-less sign interface. (ActionMenu API)
    • Signs can be indestructible.
    • Signs can drop items upon breaking.
    • Optional permission use.
    • Option to have BarterSigns override other sign plugins.
    • Signs can have a max stock limit in either total item count or total stack count.
    • NO reliance on ANY economy plugin.
    Attention: Version 1.1 will break your old data files.

    Unfortunately I made a mistake in my choice of yaml key names, I have converted items to be ItemID,ItemDurability instead of ItemID:ItemDurability. You can manually update your data stores, if you know how.

    This plugin uses Superperms and has a simple 3 permissions:
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • bartersigns.admin - grants sign owner menu privilege on every Barter Sign. Includes the following two permissions.
    • bartersigns.create - allows user to create Barter Signs.
    • bartersigns.use - allows user to use Barter Signs.

    If you do not wish to use permissions, they are disable-able in the config.yml.

    download plugin

    German language file by @MrPikPik and xGhOsTkiLLeRx
    source code

    1. Install the plugin like any other.
    2. Create a sign with the first line reading: [barter]
    3. The plugin will guide you in further usage.
    If you have trouble understanding what to do from the in game prompting, please share your issues. My goal is to make this plugin explain it self.

    The configuration file in 1.2 is now commented for your convinience!

    This plugin uses my ActionMenu API to create the sign owner menus. This API has allowed me to create a menu on signs where I chose right-click to scroll through the menu and left-click to activate the menu selection. When the API is released it will be extended to work with Bukkit's Map API and Spoutcraft's GUI API.


    Version 1.2.5-fix
    • Fixed for use on 1.1-R5+ (That means 1.2.5-R1.0!)
    • Resolved an error caused by removing worlds that had signs.

    Version 1.2.5
    • Added new items (from 1.0.0) to the signs.
    Version 1.2.4
    • Fixed compatibility with Towny.
    • Fixed NPE when breaking signs still in the setup phase.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Added new version of usage statistics so that Bukkit version stats are also sent.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Added usage statistics.
    Version 1.2.1

    • Added support for Towny's shop plots.
    • Fixed some NPEs related to the new override config option.
    Version 1.2

    • Fixed some sign text that was too long due to color codes.
    • Added a commented config.
    • Fixed some over looked item name length issues. (And suphlur (sp) is now Gunpowder). This change requires you to delete your old item.yml.
    • Added a new option to enforce max stack sizes.
      • This causes any items sold to be split into multiple stacks if the amount is greater than that item's max stack size. No more stacks of 64 soup!
      • This also causes the sign stock limit to be a number of item stacks instead of total item amount.
    • Added a revenue stack count to the revenue menu item.
    • Added a config option to override other sign plugins when operating a BarterSigns sign.
    • Changed the default use/create permissions to true for when using permissions.
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    im having trouble, what exactly should the sign say? is there supposed to be a menu that comes up after i place a sign that says "barter" on the first line? i have left clicked it with a glass block with the intent to sell it (just as a test) but nothing happens. the console says that bartersigns 1.1.2 is enabled, and i have disabled the permissions in the config that it created. i always have trouble with permissions, it all seems too complex. maybe my permissions isn't compatible, it says "permissions: (yeti) initialized." im using a couple mods that use permissions, citizens, mcmmo, mobarena and a couple others. sorry if i said too much irrelevance but im too confused to think straight lol
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    Are you making the first line [barter]? All you do is make [barter] the first line and the plugin will take care of the rest.
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    first line of the sign needs to say [barter] not barter.
    The text will immediately change if it works.
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    Found a possible cheap way to abuse the sign system. Players can sell 64x soup and bread and if another players buys it the items will stack. For bread this works without any problem and people can keep it stacked and eat it. On soup if they use it all items are lost. But then they just wasted money on items they cant use.
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    Ahh, good catch. I'll see what I can do :)
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    I am running into this problem and so far it has restart my server a couple times.

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    I've never seen "Error: Minecraft server error. Server will be restarted." Message before. Are you running something that restarts your server on errors? Not every single error warrants a restart.
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    Was mainly pointing out the error. I looked into the Mcmyadmin and found this (below) so that part is on my end.

    #severerestart - Whether or not to restart when a [SEVERE] message is
    #generated by Minecraft.
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    Unfortunately that error is pretty vague... Usually it's a lot longer. Does sneaking do anything to the signs? It should. (Allows backwards scrolling through menu and changes some menu options)
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    I can't get it to work at all... it's really making me annoyed.

    The sign works fine, GUI is great, all works.. except no-one but ops can use the sign in any manner... which also means that they can stock it themselves ad take revenue.. how the hell do i get normal players able to use it!?!?!

    i think its my permissions....what is superperms? i got bukkits built in permissions.. and i tried permissionsbukkit... superperms bridge.. nothing seems to let normal users use the signs

    if i use the default bukkit permissions.yml file...what is the correct syntax? I've tried:

    bartersigns.use: true


    bartersigns.use: true


    bartersigns.use: true


    bartersigns.use: true
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    You first need a SuperPerms manager like PermissionsBukkit or bPermissions. Then you should refer to it's documentation on how to use it. I've never used either, so I do not know. I would suggest bPermissions. It looks simpler.
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    ok i got bpermissions, set the nodes up properly, as far as i can see... and yet it doesnt make any difference to the signs... i cant even use my own sign once deopped

    its not even as if im lacking permissions.. nothing happens when i left click the sign, unless im opped, no message or anything
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    So in the bartersigns config file, is usepermissions set to true?
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    Then you have not set up bPermissions correctly. It is fairly simple. In your bPermissions folder, do you have 2 folders? If not, read the bPermissions thread again.
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    The bpermissions thread says nothing about any folders... i have 3 files:

    and ive used the ingame commands to set permissions for groups and individuals aswell, nothing works
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    Actually, it does mention folders. They're in big red letters. groups/worldname.yml players/worldname.yml. I tested bPermissions and it works with my plugin. I recommend reading more about bPermissions.
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    Lol i know im a pain in the ass.. but it still isnt working, made the folders and files to specification, bukkit loads without error, however only ops can buy from the signs still
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    and instead of worldname.yml did you put the name of your world?
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    I dunno man, I don't have a lot to work with to help you. This plugin works with bPermissions. My best guess is your issue is with your permissions setup. You might find more help in the bPermissions thread as I'm not highly knowledgeable regarding it.
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    ok its just being really wierd for some reason, even when i disable permissions in the config.yml, it still doesnt bring up and form of message or let me buy anything when i left click or crouch left click, unless im an op

    i tried removing all other plugins to see if it was being interfered with, no difference.. tried removing bpermissions and disabling permissions in config, no difference..this is for build 1000 right?

    oh and i also tried redownloading bpermissions, and redownloading bartersigns 1.1.2, no change

    do i have to change the config.yml or permissions.yml that comes with bukkit?
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    You going to be updating to #1060?
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    Love this plugin for my server. Only request, is to somehow allow bigger quantities when adding new forms of payment by holding a certain key, heck even 2 at a time while holding ctrl and left clicking would be amazing!
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    I do hope you add economy support. Would be cool to use either or if you have one. BarterSigns is so easy to use.
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    This requires Spout. I may add it, but it will be a while, and will of course be optional as to not REQUIRE Spout.
    I'll add economy support eventually.
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    I have an issue that when I tp into an area with a sign it doesn't work, but if I log out and back in, it suddenly works again.
    I do not see any errors on the server console. Any ideas?
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    Could be tile-entity bug wiping the sign. Not sure. Probably something to do with bukkit or minecraft.
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    Hello, I love the idea of your plugin and really want to use it.

    But I have a problem.

    This problem is very similar to Tslat's problem, only I don't use any permissions.

    Only ops can use these signs.

    For non-ops, the initial message displays (the owner of the sign etc.) but then they can't do any kind of transaction on the sign.

    In the config I have it set to not use permissions

    I am running the latest build of craftbukkit, but the title of this Plugin says that it only supports 1060 and I suspect that this is the problem.

    If it isn't though, can you try to inform me of a solution please?

    Thanks :)
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    This plugin works fine on 1185. My initial thought about this is that you have some other plugin running that is canceling the player interact event before it gets to BarterSigns. What other plugins are you running?

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