Inactive [ECON] BarterSigns v1.2.5-fix - Player owned sign shops that trade in items [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    v .1.2.5-fix

    Create sign based bartering shops. Each sign can sell one type of item and collect many different types of items for payment. Signs are simple to setup and very self explanatory.THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT USE ANY ECONOMY PLUGINS! I may support them in the future though.

    • Player owned sign shops that deal in items.
    • Sell a specific amount of 1 item for a specific amount of multiple items.
    • Intuitive, command-less sign interface. (ActionMenu API)
    • Signs can be indestructible.
    • Signs can drop items upon breaking.
    • Optional permission use.
    • Option to have BarterSigns override other sign plugins.
    • Signs can have a max stock limit in either total item count or total stack count.
    • NO reliance on ANY economy plugin.
    Attention: Version 1.1 will break your old data files.

    Unfortunately I made a mistake in my choice of yaml key names, I have converted items to be ItemID,ItemDurability instead of ItemID:ItemDurability. You can manually update your data stores, if you know how.

    This plugin uses Superperms and has a simple 3 permissions:
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • bartersigns.admin - grants sign owner menu privilege on every Barter Sign. Includes the following two permissions.
    • bartersigns.create - allows user to create Barter Signs.
    • bartersigns.use - allows user to use Barter Signs.

    If you do not wish to use permissions, they are disable-able in the config.yml.

    download plugin

    German language file by @MrPikPik and xGhOsTkiLLeRx
    source code

    1. Install the plugin like any other.
    2. Create a sign with the first line reading: [barter]
    3. The plugin will guide you in further usage.
    If you have trouble understanding what to do from the in game prompting, please share your issues. My goal is to make this plugin explain it self.

    The configuration file in 1.2 is now commented for your convinience!

    This plugin uses my ActionMenu API to create the sign owner menus. This API has allowed me to create a menu on signs where I chose right-click to scroll through the menu and left-click to activate the menu selection. When the API is released it will be extended to work with Bukkit's Map API and Spoutcraft's GUI API.


    Version 1.2.5-fix
    • Fixed for use on 1.1-R5+ (That means 1.2.5-R1.0!)
    • Resolved an error caused by removing worlds that had signs.

    Version 1.2.5
    • Added new items (from 1.0.0) to the signs.
    Version 1.2.4
    • Fixed compatibility with Towny.
    • Fixed NPE when breaking signs still in the setup phase.
    Version 1.2.3
    • Added new version of usage statistics so that Bukkit version stats are also sent.
    Version 1.2.2
    • Added usage statistics.
    Version 1.2.1

    • Added support for Towny's shop plots.
    • Fixed some NPEs related to the new override config option.
    Version 1.2

    • Fixed some sign text that was too long due to color codes.
    • Added a commented config.
    • Fixed some over looked item name length issues. (And suphlur (sp) is now Gunpowder). This change requires you to delete your old item.yml.
    • Added a new option to enforce max stack sizes.
      • This causes any items sold to be split into multiple stacks if the amount is greater than that item's max stack size. No more stacks of 64 soup!
      • This also causes the sign stock limit to be a number of item stacks instead of total item amount.
    • Added a revenue stack count to the revenue menu item.
    • Added a config option to override other sign plugins when operating a BarterSigns sign.
    • Changed the default use/create permissions to true for when using permissions.
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    Hi, I would try the plugin but while loading the server bukkit tells me there's no alternate language file set. => Disabled the plugin... I've extracted the english.yml into the BarterSigns folder AND in the plugin main folder, but it doesn't works :(
    Ich really would try it :D
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    Okay, 1.0.2 should hopefully fix this issue. It will probably continue to show a Warning message though. Should be something like "Could not extract default language file! Reason: ". Please let me know what it says the reason is!
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    So is there a dependency on this actionmenu.jar?
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    Not any longer. I compiled it into the BarterSigns plugin with a separate namespace. All you need is BarterSigns.jar... Guess I forgot to update OP.
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    I've tried the 1.0.2: Now it is enabled but it happened nothing when I placed a sign with [barter]. So i tried [Barter] with a capital B, but it didn't change...
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    What's your CraftBukkit version and what permissions plugin are you using?
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    Craftbukkit RB 1000 - Standard, I think...
    I tired the plugin in a server without any plugin but there nothing happended -.-
    The plugin sounds interesting therefore i would try it out!
    Edit: I use Permissions 2.7.4 Phoenix
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    This plugin uses Bukkit Permissions aka Superperms. Permissions 2.7.4 is not compatible. Go into the BarterSigns config file and set usepermissions to false. This will allow all users to create and use signs. It will allow OPs to manage all signs.
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    I downloaded the latest RB of Bukkit, downloaded the plugin again and:
    IT WORKS! God work dumptruckman !
    Like this :D
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    I've translated the english.yml into german (YAY). I could't try it out... modifier the JAR and change config doesn't works :/
    Well I hope you will add this to the plugin :)
    (.yml cna't be uploaded, should be changed ;))

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    Well, I was able to change the config to german.yml but it seems to be having trouble reading special characters. Things like tätigen I presume. I know of someone who made their plugin's yaml file compatible with foreign characters so I'll see what I can do about that.

    In the mean time, I skimmed over the config and noticed that you missed something important. Signs may only have 15 characters per line. I saw at least one in there where it is more than 15 characters. I'd try to shorten them but I don't know German!

    Also, excellent work, I really appreciate you taking your time to do this.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Well, thanks for making it happen :)
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    I will change this
    I guess all messages with 4 lines are Signmessages ;)
    I shorted this and here the result:
    - Deleted some colors, if neccesary :/
    - Changed Ö,Ä and Ü into oe, ue, ae (in german the same, but old way xD)

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    Excellent work, I've update the file and readded the colors as they don't affect the length limit. Also, I don't see where you made the replacements of the special characters but that doesn't matter, they'll work anyway.

    Here is the file in the correct format
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    Well, nice that you've added my translatione but now because it works, I tested all grammar, spelling, etc. and I found too much mistakes xD. Ö,Ä and Ü are working (no idea why :D), changed them back (But if not I added both versions of the file). Some words are too long with colors :/ - I changed them to default.
    Hopefully there are more minecraft players who like to have this plugin in their language :)
    In future, if you have more different language files you should add them like in LWC ;)

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    The color codes do not count towards the 15 character limit
    that will fit on a sign. It will show 1234567890abcdef in a rainbow of colors :)
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    mhm... "Verkaufseinheit" should be standing on the sign in green (code "&2Verkaufseinheit") but there you can read "Verkaufseinhe" in green 13 Charakters (with colorcode 15)...
    No idea why :D
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    Installing this now to try it. All other (well the one other) plugins that have this same general idea require permissions...and I hate using permissions as I like to keep it simple. From what I can tell this works exactly like I need it to.

    Will edit my post if I find any issues or to show my gratitude.

    Edit: Seems to work from all tests I did by myself. Now for people to start getting on and setting up shop. Thanks for the plugin.
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    Cool, just know, to use without permission you must alter the default config.yml and set usepermissions to false.
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    Yeah I went ahead and already did that. Two people got on my server and confirms it works..they did point out it says sulphur in place of gunpowder though :D

    Also any way to have the item being traded to the sign go to a linked chest or anything?
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    I named it sulphur cause i thought it was changed to that officially... perhaps I am mistaken. You can easily change that by editing item.yml :)

    I will be adding in sign networks eventually so you can set up a network to sell one item in multiple locations.. This would allow the stock to be restocked remotely and for the revenue to be collected remotely. With this I also plan on adding permission levels so that perhaps at one sign you may only add stock and not change anything or collect revenue.

    Besides that, could you give me reasons for making it go to a linked chest? The items appear to be stored inside the sign in any case. (if you break it they pop out, if you didn't change that option)
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    Best example I guess would be to explain how I have shops set on my server. At my spawn I have 10 locations for guilds to open shops and the shops are 16x16 so enough for a nice looking building. I expect new players and really anyone that is looking for deals to come to this area as its easy to get to. If the signs could be linked to a chest the shop owners could have all profit go right to a secure chest of their picking in their guild house or really anywhere.

    There is another plugin that has this feature and it is great but for the actual sign part of it I enjoy yours more. If anything it would safe the extra step of having to stock/claim items in the sign if it took and put all items directly into a chest. I mean if you are planning on adding linked signed that do the same general thing as what I am suggesting then I guess that would work just as well.
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    because of our nice IRC talk, here is my german.yml!
    (based on the one from @MrPikPik (I hope it's okay to use your version ;))
    [Dient ja nur der Verbesserung :) ]

    I edited a few spelling mistakes, fixed 2 wrong color codes and adjust the word order etc. to match better with your standard color :)
    (Or look at my modifed english.yml on
    They are the same ;))

    Nice plugin, keep up your work!
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    can i use permissions instead of superperms
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    Yes. But this plugin won't work with it. Alternately, you can disable use of permissions in the config. This will allow everyone to make signs and use them and allow ops to manage all signs.
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    ok thank you
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    Would it be possible to have the sign show what is being sold and what item is required for the trade. Maybe make it so "barter" does not take up the top line once the sign has been made. Or possible the person that does not own the sign sees "Item for sale" and "Item wanted"
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    Just bear in mind that you can accept multiple items as payments at a single sign. That being said, I am trying to come up with a solution for this but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very simple.

    Here are some possible solutions:
    Show the item sold and a single payment item as the main sign text. Rotate the text every X seconds to show all the items it accepts as payment.
    Add a buyer menu. This would be like the owner menu but as they cycle through they can see all the payments. Also, if they switch to (like, select in hand) an acceptable payment item it would automatically switch to the correct sign menu item.

    I have some other ideas as well but those are just some.

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