Inactive [ECON/ADMN/MECH] CommandPoints v0.7 - A command-based merit system. [1.1 R4]

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    Devil Boy

    CommandPoints - A command-based merit system.
    Version: v0.7

    BukkitDev Links:
    CommandPoints - The core point system
    CommandPointsEssentials - A plugin which gives users some fundamental commands to spend their points on.
    CommandPointsMobDisguiseBridge - A plugin which allows you to charge users for the use of MobDisguise.

    Having trouble getting your server voted for on Minecraft server lists? Through Votifier, users can now gain commandpoints for voting! These points then get to be used on commands such as /bed /day or many others. Existing plugins can even integrate into the simple API to allow you to charge points for almost any command!
    Now you may be wondering, "Why would my players want to be charged for running commands?" I'm sure you have thought of certain powers that you want your players to use in moderation, or maybe they're always instructed to ask an admin. CommandPoints allows your server to be a bit more autonomous because players will be able to run "admin-like" commands such as making it daytime. They won't bother spamming it because they don't want to lose all their points.

    In development:
    • A plugin which allows you to manually list costs for running any commands
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    ADMIN in the thread title needs to be changed to ADMN.
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    Devil Boy

    Fixed the thread topic.
    Added link to MobDisguise bridge.
    Updated version number.
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    Update to 1.1-R4 and add changelog please
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    Devil Boy

    Updated, thanks for the heads up.

    There was only one release before the update I just uploaded. Any changelog before then would do no good to anyone seeing as there was only 1 version released. Any new releases will have their changelog in BukkitDev. IF people really wanted to see changes that were before the initial release, they could just go through the git repo commits.
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    Uhm hey dude... Are you able to make a plugin that requires you to Pay for Command executions? like making it cost $10 iConomy for /help
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    Devil Boy

    I believe I've already seen a plugin for that. I don't exactly recall the name... CommandIConomy maybe?
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