Inactive [ECON/ADMN] DuckShop v30 - Create shops by placing signs [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by _ralts, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Rainbow_Pancakes my IGN name
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    Also, could you please consider allowing a line to put notes, such as "Buy" or "For Sale", to clarify for users which type of function the sign is? Either the first or last line would be great.
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    That would be more of a CommandBook feature than a DuckShop one.

    That idea doesn't appeal to me for some reason.
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    Maybe you're right, however, I like both. Haha. never mind. How about that note line? Could you do that?
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    Hey , Can u make it capable with SupplySign Plugin? Becaus I Dont like Restocking it Every Day . Thanks :D
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    You can do that, by putting [Global] on the first line. It's in the post.

    As always, RTFM.
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    Oh. I Dindt see that :p sorry
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    How I can buy something with the sign
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    I've been getting SEVERE's for the last few versions. I'd really like to see them fixed or know what I'm doing wrong, as I really enjoy this plugin.

    2011-07-30 01:07:16 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling DuckShop v18 (Is it up to date?): Invalid world name
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid world name
    	at tk.kirlian.util.Locations.parseLocation(
    	at tk.kirlian.duckshop.signs.SignManager.load(
    	at tk.kirlian.duckshop.signs.SignManager.<init>(
    	at tk.kirlian.duckshop.signs.SignManager.getInstance(
    	at tk.kirlian.duckshop.DuckShop.onEnable(
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    Not sure what world it's choking on. I've got four, named as follows:
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    I've tested linking in the Nether, and it works fine.

    Another user's had problems with world names with spaces in them, but that's been fixed for a while now.

    What are the contents of your file? That's where the program stores all the sign-chest links. It's failing because it can't read that file. Maybe it's corrupted?
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    First of all, thank you for the lightning fast response.

    I'm using LWC. I'm hoping that's not what's causing the issue currently. That plugin is also vital. I believe DS supported it at one time but then the chest protection module was rewritten. follows.

    #This file is used internally to store sign-chest links.
    #Format is signLocation=chestLocation
    #Do not edit unless you know what you are doing.
    #Fri Jul 29 22:46:51 MSD 2011
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    There doesn't seem to be any problem with that, as "Survival" is a pretty average name. I've tested world names thoroughly without problems. Try updating to version 19 -- it's fixed LWC support, among other things.
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    Didn't even know 19 was out yet. Will try that, thanks!
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    They're more like build numbers than version numbers -- just like CraftBukkit :)
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    Dude, make this so you can lock chest. With items in it, so you can trade items.

    30 IronIngot
    1 Diamond

    And so you can lock the chest, and still getting the item from the chest.
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    It already supports chest protection. DuckShop will use the name on the sign to access the chest. Try this:

    30 iron ingot
    1 diamond

    As it says in my post, the last line is blank.
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    I'm also getting the message "Oh noes! You cannot trade!"
    I've gone through every post so far and haven't found a solution.

    Oh, nevermind xD
    Found out you can't trade swords with damage on them...
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    Ralts, ill check it out. Still think you coud change it so it will use the third line for this:
    1 ironsword
    2 ironingot

    And also, you cannot trade Netherrack for some reason.
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    Is there anyway to change the name to lets say [shop] or something It would look nicer that way. Also How can I change it so it would say 12 Caps instead of $12.00. I'm going fallout themed and it might be confusing to people seeing it $ when we use caps.
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    The last time I changed the format was version 3. I don't want to change it again.

    I'm also planning to use the last line for statuses (e.g. "15 in stock").

    I wouldn't find it confusing at all. One of the decisions I made was a sign written on one server would work the same on another server, and having different names for money doesn't follow that principle. If you're really keen and you know a bit of Java, you can modify the TangibleItem code yourself.

    Thanks for reporting that -- it's fixed in version 21.
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    Will do then thanks :D
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    Im still thinking you should make something for people to know for example. You get this item for this item.
    Cause a lot of people on my server always messed up. I had to put signs, to tell them what is the thing they will get.
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    I tryed to make a sign for a user, but when I type:

    1 fish

    It says, sign made succesfuly.
    I link it to a chest, with /duckshop link
    and that also works, but when i tryed to buy something, from the sign. It says: Oh noes. Cannot trade!
    And in the server console stands, 'Severe: Could not pass event PLAYER_EVENT to duckshop.'

    But if I make a global one, it does work?
    What's the problem?

    {Sorry for my bad English, I'm dutch :)}
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    Dude, do you have skype? I want to talk to you about your plugins and plugins ideas i have. If you want.
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    It says that message because either your chest doesn't have the items, or you don't have enough money.

    Are you using the correct name? "fish" in DuckShop means raw fish. If you want to sell cooked fish, use "cfish".

    Can you copy and paste what it says in the console? I mean, everything after the 'Severe: Could not pass event PLAYER_EVENT to duckshop.' It is impossible to see the problem without having the whole message.

    No, I don't have Skype. Just post the idea on my profile page and I'll think about it.

    And next time, don't quote the my whole post when you reply :p

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    That's the only thing it says. Just that. And sorry for the whole post xD
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    That's very weird. Usually when it fails it spits out a huge block of text with it, just like pk4eva2's post. Oh well -- as long as nothing bad happens, you should be fine.

    There's no need to apologize. You are a lot more sincere than most of the people who have posted here. :p
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    Hi, first of all - love the plugin. :)

    I'm just wondering if there's any way to customise the names for each item? Currently, for example, if I type "soulsand", the sign will alter the text to "ssand". I would rather be able to choose my own default names for the server. Preferably if it can support spaces.

    Also, any way we can change the currency? On my server we use "Gold". Would be nice if we could add a suffix. A diferent prefix would suffice, however. Not a fan of the $ for everything.

    Neither are all too important - I'll still use the plugin, it would just be something nice extra. I'm also assuming I'm idiotically missing a config file.
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    Did the version 21 get uploaded? The version that currently downloads indicates it is version 20 when loading Bukkit.
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    Sorry, forgot to change the link *facepalm*

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