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    CommandPay V0.4.1

    CommandPay V0.4.1 is a very simple Plugin to pay for the Commands you use In-Game.
    It's fully configurable and very simple to use.

    1. Put the CommandPay.jar and the CommandPay Folder in your Plugin directory
    2. Configurate the config.yml
    3. Reload your Server

    • iConomy


    The config.yml
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    The config.yml
    enabled: true
        pay: true
        free: false
        notenough: true
        pay: You have paid %money for this command.
        free: This command was for free.
        notenough: You don't have enough money to do that.
            - '/ma (join) | 300'
            - '/warp (mine, mall, spawn) | 1'
            - '/tp (player2 player1, player2 player1) | 1'
            - '/spawn (*) | 1'   [you have to use the whitespace if there is no argument]
    enable: enable / disable the plugin
    message: enable /disable the messages
    pay: true
    free: false
    notenough: true
    pay: Message if you paid for a command
    free: message if the command was for free
    notenough: message if you don't have enough money
    - '/command (argument, argument) | price' or
    -'/command (*) | price' for all argmunents

    Permission Node:
    • (for free acces to all commands)
    • get it multiworld compatible
    • better messages
    • add variable price for command like "/warp mine" costs 50 and "/warp mall" costs 100
    • perhaps i add a custom comment for each command please post what you think. if many people like this idea i will add it.
    v 0.4.1
    • Updated Config.yml to disable the free message
    v 0.4
    • Whitespace added
    • New config syntax
    v 0.3.2
    • ChatColor added
    • Text that you know it was for free added
    Older Versions:

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    • v 0.3.1
      • German sentence removed.
    • v 0.3
      • Permission added
    • v 0.2
      • Performance increased
    • v 0.1
      • First Version

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    post is missing a header, title is missing version
    there is no changelog
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    If I typed
    - '/time | 25'
    does it cover all things that come after /time like dawn,dusk,day,night?
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    no, you have to do it for every argument. but im still working on it. it's the firt version of this plugin
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    God, why do people steal my idea of my future plugin MinePerks? Oh well.

    It's sound a bit okay.
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    i don't know but you can help to develope this plugin. it's open source
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    Yeah, I could. I could just abandon MinePerks and join this team.
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    It's not a team it's just me right now
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    Ahh, I could join in and help you out.
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    Nice good for servers with events...
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    i use it for the MobArena and the Warps. =)

    where can i change the title?

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    Thread tools is what your looking for
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    where can i find it. i can't see anything.

    Edit: i found it (CTRL + F) xD
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    Nice! This is what I was looking for :p

    :O Whaaat! CommandPay: In iConomy eingeloggt!
    Is that German I see there? Lawl :p Change to english in next version please?

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    can this be used with essentialseco instead of iconomy?
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    i have added now the permission node "" for free access to all commands

    @Lolmewn yes it is german, because in the first version i don't want to publish it. and yes i will change it. thanks

    @Iffy at the moment it only works with permission but in the future i want to code it for more econ plugins

    @Lolmewn now it's without german

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    i am trying to install the plugin, but i cant get it to work in the server. but the Permissions is blocking me. i put the permissions Node into the permissions file for the server, and i have iConomy, but i cant get it to work. iConomy hasnt been messed with other than me adding interest and uppin the default amount. Permissions i have been fighting with, but finally win everything, but this. i have no idea what i am doing wrong. i also am not sure if i havet he command in the config right, as the examples you have in your "spoiler" i am pretty sure dont exist, so are useless. i am trying to put different commands in to get them to work, but cant figure it out. i tried - '/god | 1' as a test, and got permissions telling me to buzz off as i bumped my self to Player to test.

    for some reason on my server [935] your permissions line would not apply to [Players]. it worked on my Mod who was helping me, but not the player class. and i did out the node in the right place. I would love to use it, but until it works, i have uninstalled it.
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    @PaleFlyer you don't need the permission node. if the permission is set the plugin won't substract any money from your account
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    okay, so i need to move the node, butnthe player class cant access it. i am srill on 953, but about to upgrade to 1000. also, is '/give | 1' valide? or do i have to do '/give <item id> | 1' for ewach item?
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    you have to do '/give <item id> | 1' but i try to implement a whitespace char like *
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    it would be nice to have more robust examples as I am having trouble implementing teleport charging. I am unsure if my syntax is correct as I have very few examples to work with.
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    i have a small problem with the teleport because the are so many player to add. when you use the whitespace it have to run correctly -'/tp (*) | 100'
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    Would it be possible to get multi-world support?
    Because I want to charge users in one world, but not the other world.
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    Omg love that ! Awesome plugin ! Need multi-world too :)

    Can we just desactivate 'free command' message ?
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    i don't know how to plugin for multiworld but i search how i can do it.
    @Shooty the is no change for you yet. but i fix it today.
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    mmm i wonder if i'm having trouble because im using the commandbook version of /tp which allows /tp user (assumes player to user) or /tp user1 user2 i cant seem to get this to charge....... no console errors either...
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    Schönes Plugin, aber wäre es möglich, mit den '' Permissions die Nachricht für kostenlose Befehle auszustellen? Das nervt etwas, bei jedem Befehl kommt die Mitteilung.

    Great plugin but would it be possible to remove the message for free commands for people with the '' permission? It's a little annoyig if that message appears at all commands.
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    i would like somthing similar, i have made free blank so i dont get the message, but i get an error when i type something. It all works but in the server cmd it is annoying seeing all that mess of about 8 lines of somthing that could be taken out.

    add it so you can pay people for using a command not take away. some commands i want them to use. like /clear. rather then trowing the items on the ground.
    also a custum comment for using that command. So like when they type who is. they will get. Your private investigator charged you $1000 for information of <player>.

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    1st: Why dont you write it very clearly, that this is in German?
    2nd: It's very, very spammy...
    When i use a command, it writes:
    Du bist in: {world name}
    Du bist in: {world name}
    {Actual command text}
    Du bist in: {world name}
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    oooh sorry it was the version i tried to get it multiworld compatibel. i've changed the downloadlink so you can now download the same version without this message

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