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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by omerb01, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I want to start programing minecraft's plugins and I really got involved with eclipse.
    I searched on youtube and I found that these videos are too old for the current bukkit, I followed them and got lots of errors during some parts of the installation.
    I know Java properly, I just want an explanation about how to define a bukkit server on eclipse.

    Thanks, Omer.
  2. 1) Install eclipse if you haven't done so already. Get an automated eclipse installer from ninite if you're having trouble installing it.
    2) Create a new Java Project
    3) Right click on it, select Build Path, then Add External Archives...
    4) Select your bukkit jar
    5) Right click on your newly added bukkit jar in Referenced Libraries select Properties and in Javadoc Location, put
    6) Right click the src folder, new file, name it plugin.yml and fill it with your plugin information
    7) Create a new Class and have it extend JavaPlugin
    8) Create the rest of your plugin
    9) Right click the project, Export, JAR file, etc

    And you're done.
    Happy coding!

    Edit: The Bukkit Wiki has a more in-depth article on this:
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    Thanks a lot! I have never thought that its so simple XD
    But I wanna define also a bukkit server on my eclipse, I wanna actually run the server from eclipse.
    How can I do that?
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    Eclipse can only run one jar at a time to my knowledge (I could be wrong), so you wouldn't be able to test your plugin nor would a server directory be created. What I do is just create a server on my desktop and then export the plugin straight into it for easy access; running craftbukkit from eclipse is really not necassary ;)
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    I did that thing before a year, that's works.
    I want it on eclipse because it's more comfortable than the normal way, I will can write in java on eclipse while I'll see what's going on the server in the console.
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    I seriously wish I'd found this sooner.
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    It should be possible, what you need to do is configure Eclipse to run the craftbukkit.jar instead of the class you are working on, and at the same time on every build export a jar of your project. Having eclipse run a different jar is easy, getting it to export a jar automatically on build, I have never been able to get that working.
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    Stephen A.

    Ty to DrakeSpirit for the list, got my JavaDocs working! TY!
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    I think you all didn't understand what I ment.
    I just want to run the server via eclipse instead of the dos window, it really worked at the last time I tried to do that before a year.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Try out IDEA or NetBeans. Much easier to use and they both have better code completion and correction. I use IDEA, it's a very nice IDE.

    Don't bump.
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