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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Cookie Slap

    What I want: A Cookie enchanted to KnockBack 10 your goal is to knock the other players to the void each time you knock someone off you will get a point and it will display on the scoreboard points: 1 (1 is the example) the match will last 10 minutes long. When your at the lobby when there is 8 players in the lobby it would say "Match starting in 30 seconds" after this has passed its time for the game pretty much explained above if you need more info feel free to post or PM me.

    Ideas for commands:
    /cc join <map name> - Join an arena

    /cc leave <map name> - leaves an arena

    /cc createarena <map name>

    /cc setspawn <map name> <#> - sets the spawn (there are unlimited spawns)

    /cc setlobby <mapname> - sets the lobby

    /cc setmainlobby - sets the main lobby

    Ideas for permissions: none
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    Do you have any maps??
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    No, but if the plugins made I'll get a build team to build me a map
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    I'm making it but it's hard to make w/out a map
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    Seems to me with all the plugins that you have in which you (totally didn't steal all that code on your plugins) You would be able to create this.
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    I've said this in my other post and I'd say it on this one "I have not gotten time to do this since I have been having terrible family troubles"

    Also you seemed to sarcasict About stealing the code, I have not stolen any code some of it was used from a resource lib found on bukkit.

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    Something like this would be very simple for you since you have already coded this: Most of the code would be exactly the same. All you would have to do would be change a few listeners and change the items you get.

    How is something like this hard to make without a map? Unless you are hard coding location values which is not a good idea, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    I find it very strange and hard to believe that you wouldn't make this connection, when making this request?
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    You should be able to code this easily yourself if you have coded, survival games, budder-slap, etc
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    If he did infact steal those plugins, i'd hate him.. And then even dare ask donations for them
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    This whole thing doesn't add up. This is a very simple minigame and he can't make it himself? He says he has "family troubles" but in all seriousness how long would this plugin actually take to make. He has 8 plugins under his and they are mostly all minigames. Everything is sus!
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    I can make it, but yeah I am having family troubles very very terrible but none has to make this since I can just take the GOLD_INGOT and change it to COOKIE. Just tweak some stuff and presto! Done!
  14. WOW this chat is really messed up! Its just a plugin guys let be realistic. If he made minigames before and knows how to make this plugin he wouldn't have posted it here so i think he needs some help but i hope he will not do this because he doesn't want to make it himself. Adios!
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