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    Name of plugin : Auto TnT or Instant TnT maybe

    What i want it to do : With this plugin it would allow players to place and throw primed / ignited TnT

    plugin should allow auto ignition of tnt on placement

    plugin should allow the user to also throw primed tnt ( like how a snowball or chicken egg would be thrown ) thrown tnt should be primed and i would like it if tnt that is thrown will explode on impact.


    no config needed for basic auto ignition on placement and ability to throw primed tnt, however adding a config to dictate a few settings wouldn't hurt

    a good config for this plugin might include settings for:

    blast radius, blast strength, enable or disable player/block damage, and primed to explosion time
    ( amount of time it takes for primed tnt to explode )

    permissions: i think 1 permission node for this plugin is sufficient, maybe autotnt.use ?

    if anyone knows of a plugin like this, or is interested in taking up this project then please inform me in the forums below =]

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