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  1. hey,

    ever played Call Of Duty zombies? ever found all the easter eggs, turning on the song?

    that's exactly what i would like in my server, some nice temples and some important buildings where the admin can hide a block and use a command to make it an easter egg.

    it would be nice if you could have multiple Easter Egg songs. for example:
    song1: egg1, egg2, egg3, egg4
    song2: egg3, egg5, egg6
    song3: egg7, egg3, egg4

    and for the song Spoutcraft support and for the money for enabling the song Iconomy support.
    it would be even better if the plugin had a custom block for it (so no more commands for making an ee) using spout(craft)


    Call of Duty: Black Ops - Kino Der Toten Easter Egg
  2. could someone please make this?

    thanks in advance,
  3. I could take a look at doing it, are you using the last RB or using dev-bukkit build?
  4. i would like to use this plugin for my next server, 2.0.
    it doesn't exist yet so for the next RB :p

  5. @SirTyler

    if you're still interested (i hope you are :p), preferably for 1597 (aka 1.0.1 R1) :p
  6. Been swamped working on economy support for my plugin and updating my server stuff so sorry I haven't made much progress xP I will get to work on it again soon, after I get some other things sorted out.
  7. no problem!

    i didn't even knew you had started :p
  8. hey,

    are you still developing this? if yes, how is it going?
    i'm just a bit curious :p


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