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    Plug-in name : Easter Eggs

    Required commands :
    - /easteregg add : creates an Esater Egg
    - /easteregg remove : removes a created Easter Egg
    - /scoreboard objectives add <name> easterEgg <display name> : creates a scoreboard with the new plug-in objective : the easterEgg

    Permissions :
    - easteregg.create : allows player to crate an Easter Egg
    - easteregg.collect : allows player to collect the Easter Egg
    - easteregg.scoreboard : allows player to create the scoreboard objective "easterEgg"

    How the plug-in would work :
    An admin would create an Easter Egg by typing the command /easteregg AND by pointing an already placed Dragon Egg. The Easter Egg would be created now, and if a player with the permission easteregg.collect, the Dragon Egg wouldn't be teleported to another location, it will simply disappear, but add a point or something to a created easterEgg scoreboard.

    It could be awesome for events or something, because the scoreboard could be diplayed in the sidebar, so every player could now see how many Eggs he has, and also other's ones !

    Testfor command :
    In Command Blocks, a /testfor command would also "read" the score, like every other scoreboard objectives.

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