Easier Piston Control

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    If it would be possible for someone to make a plugin like this:
    You select a piston (by aiming at it) and then type something like /addpiston (channel) (delay)
    And then you select a button (by aiming at it) and then type something like /controlpiston (channel)
    • The (Delay) is in seconds.
    • If aiming at it isn't possible, it could ofcourse be something like you type the command and then punch the button/piston to select it.
    • Maybe change the button to a sign (so you can power it by redstone) which would make it easier to invert the current.
    • It could also be like /addpiston (channel) (delay) (on/off) so you can change whether it starts on or off
    I would love to see this plugin being made!
    Tell me if you don't understand what I said so I can change it. (I'm not the best at english :D )
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    I don't think Piston API's have been released yet, so you'll have to wait for now.
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    Ow that sucks :p
    Ahh well i'll just keep this open anyway.
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    Has the piston API been released yet?
    Or does anyone know when it will?
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    I think the api has been released so Bump

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