Dynamically price-shifting teleportation (a-la Guild Wars 2)

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    If you've played Guild Wars 2, you know all about Waypoints. If you don't, click anyway. Plenty of good info there, fairly well-explained.

    What I'm looking for is essentially a Minecraft version of that system. It needs to have:

    - Admin-defined teleportation nodes
    - Nodes accessible by command
    - Price calculated based on distance, with options to account for other factors
    - Potential for travelling between nodes in specified areas that are exempt from pricing
    - Multi-currency availability, with an option for players to define how they'd like to pay if multiple prices have been defined (ie economy plugin vs. emeralds/diamonds/whatever)
    - Discovery of nodes required for access to them
    - API for the plugin or other plugins to define that a node is inaccessible (during a server event like a town invasion)

    I think that defines it pretty well. I've not found any existing plugin that works in this manner, most of them have static pricing and none have the discovery component. My world is huge so that would be an awesome thing to have.


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    Hey, this sounds like an interesting idea, might have to give it a shot. Been a while since I've done much plugin programming though, so I'll try and get a basic version up for you to see.

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