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    Hey Everyone

    The Dynamic Snow Idea Is Born
    I had this idea upon discovering that the block 78 held meta data up to 15 what does this mean ?
    well I was thinking we could finish what notch started and give the block its full melting capacity from 15-3

    Desired Function Of Plugin Example

    Torch is placed but picked back up after 40s Block 78:15 becomes Block 78:14 and so on until eventually melted to nothing. When Snow falls it would do the opposite of this and start at a normal snow fall meta value then work its way up to 15.

    Why Would This Work, And Do You Have Any Images ?
    The block 78 already contains the required meta data and already has some unused code to make the block form slopes, if you look at this image below and its relevant information.

    • 0x0: Normal snowfall height
    • ...
    • 0x7: Full block size height
    The height repeats for values 8-15. Note that snow does not occur naturally at other heights than 0, but can be edited or hacked in. Values 0-2 has no hitbox, values 3-7 has the same hitbox as a slab.

    Here is the relevant page on the wiki

    Given this information I believe that we can use this block-data to create a dynamic snow block by replacing the Block-data that appears when snow forms over time we can make it so that block 78:15 appears instead or maybe even make the snow dynamically rise up until full block size the longer the area is snowed on.

    Plugin would have options to control how long until the snow builds up or melts away. "May require Spout"

    Hope you like this idea
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    Oh hey I was testing something like this earlier but with 1.7 because of 1.8 not having snow and shtuff... Anyways, i'll start working on it again
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    hey I'm just wondering if you ever got anywhere with this?

    I'd really be interested in using the plugin.
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    I simply searched for 'snow' ;)

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