[DvZ][FORMATTED] Dwarfs Vs. Zombies Magic spells External spell request

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MrGhettoGFX, May 9, 2012.

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    why would u want an external plugin for this, you can just do this in the config of magicspells itself
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    So basically your asking for a few spells be written to work with MagicSpells?
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    Yes please :D

    Anyone please :D

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    I have my version of DvZ and its like perfact but one problem im being testing it on my server and when pwoplw join its not letting them cast the spell to give them disc idk how to fix it. ill give you my files if you want them and see if you can fix it. PS if you fix it them can you tell me and help me out why it doesn't work for me
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    Ok add me on skype ryan.dunne7
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    MrGhettoGFX if you PM me EXACTLY how you want the spells to work I can help you with making a few spells
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    I pm'd You pal :D
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    Anyone else cause i havent heard back
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    Please send me the PM as well!
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    I'm having the same problem, got it to work for mobs and the caster, but not for target players :(
    You can use the areaeffect spell and multi spells.
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    I no what you mean man is so frustrating :p
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    Ok ive made the spell myself but thanks to all the people that offered

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