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  1. i would like a duels plugin where players use a command to send a duel request (e.g. /duel challenge [name]) then a gui is opened where the player can choose the duel settings. when tehy are none it sends a chat message to the player they challenged letting them accept or deny the duel request and telling them what the settings are.

    i would like it if you could have unlimited duels going on at any time

    settings ( changeable by the player on a duel by duel basics):
    - bet amount (default 0)
    - whether to use a kit (set in config) or the player's gear
    - Enable/disable bows, epearls, gapples, potions etc.
    - anything else you think of

    example permissions:
    duel.create - admin permissions that allows admins to define arenas
    duel.play - allows players to send and recieve duel requests
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    Where should these arenas be? Extra world each? How could a coder know how to extend the arena count?
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    @MightyOne Just make it part of the plugin on its own command with arguments it's quite simple
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    @baighxansgaming its not quiet simple. be more descriptive. i would have no idea what to code
  5. @MightyOne the areas should be defined by an admin using world edit to select a region (i have world edit and world guard installed) I don't mind whether the duels each happen in a different world or whether they all happen in the same world, but if they do all happen in the same world, I would like to be able to set that world in the config.
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
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  7. @UnseenMC the top plugin requires bungee cord( which i dont have) and the second one does not do what i need. thanks for the suggestions
  8. For multiple duels in the same arena you can just make the other players invisible to the 2 people actually fighting
  9. I'm not telling YOU how to do anything, I'm telling someone who could make it how to
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    Check out the plugin name McDuels

    It has everyone you are looking for.
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