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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TahPolarBear, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Hello! I am the Head-Manager on a server and me and the owner request a few plugins for you dev's out there if you want a challenge! here they are!

    1. A working duel plugin.
    I would like a duel plugin that you can do /duel and /duelaccept. I would like it for you to create your own arena's and kits for the duels, but not have to set a lobby. A few commands should look like this
    - /duel <player>
    - /duelaccept <player>
    - /createArena <<< use world edit to select arena area.
    - /createDuelKit
    *Make sure the command to create a kit does not use the same commands as KitAdder ( /createkit )
    */duel and /duelaccept should not require permissions.
    * please don't give me link to another duel plugin. I have tried them all and they do not suite us.

    2. A death message plugin.
    This is not a normal death message plugin. I want a plugin that, when you kill a player the death message will say:
    <Player> has killed <Player> with <#> hearts remaining.
    As you can see I want players to see how many lives the killer had left on kill.
    There should not be any permissions or commands.

    3. Chat Alias
    This plugin is a plugin that when you say something to automatically says something else:

    When you type in text box:<Player> : wb!
    When you press enter: <Player> : welcome back!

    I either want it to be an easy config or easy command setup.
    I don't care of there are permission, whatever makes it easy for you <3. If you do use permission try to make them look like this: chatalias.alias.<text>

    Thanks for you help! <3
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    I'll do all three of these. Should have them done by mid-tomorrow.
    Is it okay if I combine them into one plugin?
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    YES! Thank you so much! I will make sure the server knows your kind act! THANK YOU <3 <3 <3

    ( i may be ku-ku this is my first plugin request )
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    When you guys build up your own server, you cant just ask for plugins you need (You can do that, but its not that great) There is a forum, where you can search for a developer
  5. @TahPolarBear
    [quote uid=91228423 name="TahPolarBear" post=3421642]1. A working duel plugin.[/QUOTE]
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>

    [quote uid=91228423 name="TahPolarBear" post=3421642]2. A death message plugin.[/QUOTE]

    [quote uid=91228423 name="TahPolarBear" post=3421642]3. Chat Alias[/QUOTE]

    Simple Google searches
    "Duel plugin bukkit"
    "Death messages bukkit"
    "Chat replace bukkit"
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  6. -snip-

    EDIT: I re-read his post and realized it was only the duel plugins he asked for, sorry! :)
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    I'm not sure I understand the second one, for a player to be killed, wouldn't another player need to bring that person's hearts down to zero? In that case, wouldn't it always say "<player> killed <player> with 0 hearts remaining"?
    I'm a requester, though, not a developer. Just wondering.
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    Yea, what @IAmKnight said. Say people are 1v1'ing the other person die's but the kill has 2 hearts left. It would say in chat: Person has killed OtherPerson with only 2 hearts left!
    Also, @bwfwalshy thanks! The chat Alias's look fine, but I still need a death message plugin that does what says above and a working duel plugin. The others don't seem to work
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    Before I get started, @TahPolarBear, I have a few questions.

    1. What is the purpose of being able to select the arena like a worldguard region? Do you want me to prevent block breaking in the arena?

    2. How do players choose kits? Or is there only one main kit you are creating to give them?

    3. I'm assuming /createduelkit just creates a kit out of the items in your inventory, correct?
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    1. Yes, prevent from breaking blocks in the arena. Basically you select you Pos1 and Pos2 with world edit then do /createarena and it makes that the area you fight in. Make it so you can't go out of the arena. Also to set spawn locations ( should be 2 setspawns ) do /duelsetspawn1 and /duelsetspawn2

    2. There is a command of course to create the kits. When they spawn in the arena there should be a 10 seconds grace period. When they go into the game, a kit GUI pops up, and they use that grace period to pick a kit.

    3. Yes Sir!

    Also, to you or any others, I need a chat alias plugin again, the other one would say NasThankYou when you try to say nasTY
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    Alright, and also, what version do you want this for?
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    Can I please have it for version 1.8.3 / 1.8.8? Thank you very much!
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    Hey! when do you think this plugin will be ready?
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    Zach did you quit on this plugin? D:
    Its been 2 days D:
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    Normally it takes about 4 weeks to code a good survivalgames plugin that works without mistakes ...
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  16. If you request a plugin and someone's taken the request on, don't bug them for it, they will tell you when it's done.
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    Lol sorry, new to this :p
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    I just came here to say these are worth developing, been running all of these features (except the chat alias) for about a 6 months now, and they were definitely worth the effort. Just to encourage any developers who're on the fence about these features.
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