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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by asakura989, Apr 24, 2017.

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    is very buggy and unreliable
    It conflicts with the plugin:
    causing anyone with the ultracosmetics item to recieve a small bug
    what the bug is, is that when a player who has the cosmetics item on them (can not be moved from the hot bar by the way once you have it, it is stuck on the hot bar) uses the shop they are fine until they log out. upon logging back in they receive the items default of whatever the cosmetic item is:
    explanation on this.
    by default the uc item is an enderchest but renamed and acts as the gui controller. if a player has it and uses shop when they log out and back in a regular enderchest appears in the players inventory. we tried to change this and found that no matter what item acts as the controller the player will receive that item as a regular item as well. this could have led to people spam logging in and out to receive an unlimited amount of ender chests so we changed the item to a blank_map and are now just suffering through players having to dispose of the blank_map that spawns in their inv upon login.

    is there a fix for this that would allow me to have both dtltraders and ultracosmetics?

    Also this happens in console upon anyone using a shop though it differs from shop to shop depending on the items in the shop and what items the player has on them.

    if it's not possible to fix this perhaps someone could have a look at my thread to develop a similar plugin.
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    Id recommend creating a ticket for both plugins. If there is a conflict between the two, then atleast one of the developers did not do the necessary checks for their plugins, meaning it may conflict with other plugins as well. Having the developers create a new update would be the best way to fix this.
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    The problem with this is that the developer for dtltraders is unreachable and no longer updating their plugin which is the root cause of the issue as their plugin does not support custom item names. Now I am in the search for a plugin that would be almost an exact replica of traders. the link to this thread can be found here

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