Dropped your items too quickly (hacking?)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AegisZephyr, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I get this message when attempting to quickly drop large amounts of items. I have tested this as well and found that it will kick you with this message even if you drop no items and just press the drop key too many times too quickly it will kick you for this. I admin for ubercraft.eu and have never seen this as any sort of issue. Is there a reason the bukkit team thought it was appropriate to add this to the recent RB? Is there a way in the future that this will be able to be shut off as well?

    Source here

        public void a(Packet14BlockDig packet14blockdig) {
            if (this.player.dead) return; // CraftBukkit
            WorldServer worldserver = this.minecraftServer.getWorldServer(this.player.dimension);
            if (packet14blockdig.e == 4) {
                // CraftBukkit start
                // If the ticks aren't the same then the count starts from 0 and we update the lastDropTick.
                if (this.lastDropTick != MinecraftServer.currentTick) {
                    this.dropCount = 0;
                    this.lastDropTick = MinecraftServer.currentTick;
                } else {
                    // Else we increment the drop count and check the amount.
                    if (this.dropCount >= 20) {
                        a.warning(this.player.name + " dropped their items too quickly!");
                        this.disconnect("You dropped your items too quickly (Hacking?)");
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    Yes,it was used by griefers...if you drop all the items in your inventory in the same time,in the same spot,there will be a HUGE lag!
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    why did you drop the items why not put them in a chest?

    also is that alpha or something? because i accadentally spawned 64 diamond shovels on beta and dropped 63 of them and no lag at all

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    To add to my earlier post, yes, I dropped items that way since it was quicker to toss my items out to give to players instead of opening my inventory and dragging and dropping. In addition to the shift click hotbar feature, I could toss out items much faster that way when having people help build.

    I'm not sure how often these people griefed with that particular method but having admin'd for over 2 years have never seen this happen. I also use the worldedit command of //remove items # to take care of these problems quickly.

    My main point was why this was added (not sure how widespread of an issue this is) and will there be a way to shut this off in the future.
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    It's a new thing...i heard about it a few days ago!
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