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    Edited: To make my point a bit more clear.

    First off if there is a plugin like this.. PLEASE.. Post it.. (also I apologize if this is in the wrong section) I've been unable to find it and if a certain plugin CAN do this and I have not tried please let me know :).
    I know there are plugins like Itemizer and such but I was wondering if there is a mod and\or plugin that allows the creation of custom items (Edit: Custom Items as in swords already in the game.. but with new names and lore). Long ago there was spout and it allowed client\server side editing along with the launcher.. but It's kind of moved on and I do have a modded server and I just wanted say.. to take a diamond sword, add attributes\name\etc and make it droppable.
    There are several plugins that allow lore\namechange\attributes but im just not sure if there are any that actually make them droppable? (mainly cause non of the plugins say they do)

    Are there any plugins that allow items with new names\lore to be able to drop from say a skeleton at 5%. If not would it be hard to? Also see bonus below if your up to answering a MOD+Plugin Question.

    Bonus\Non Serverside:
    Im no programmer obviously but as an added bonus is there (already?) anyway to make a plugin that (can essentially work alongside a mod) can use images for items and such and then have it mirror off a mod in a modpack?
    Say I make a sword.. the image the name etc written down irl.. Then I have the image in the mod.. or on say dropbox.. then can I use a plugin to name it\attribute it\select the destination that the image is coming from (wich will be in the mod already) and have it work in the plugin so I can easily configure it..

    TLDR: Can I have images in a mod and allow the plugin to add attributes to it.
    Or better yet is there a mod or able to make a mod that allows an easy way for non modders to make custom items.
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    Not possible with bukkit
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    I can understand the later but earlier when I just was asking about the dropping items with custom names\attributes.. can you explain why its not possible? Couldnt you have a config that has all the attributes\name\etc and have drop % from mobs? and as for the later in my paragraph I was only asking if it was possible
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    Make sure your request is even possible. Bukkit plugins can, for the most part, only modify what the server can do. Here is a list of things you cannot do with a plugin:

    • Create a new block or item.
    • Show a picture or video to a player (except maps or displayed in blocks)
    • Create a new creature or monster or change the size of an existing one
    • Check if a player has a texture pack, mod, or hack installed.
    • Play external sound. Can only trigger noteblocks, records and effects.
    • Move a player between servers (in a way that doesn't involve complicated proxying)
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    Not possible
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    Again my post may be in the wrong section. However I wasent asking about making whole new items, I did ask if that was possible with a mod\plugin combination. But I'm asking If there is a plugin or if its possible to take a normal Diamond sword.. and add lore\attributes.. whatever and make it droppable. I know plugins are server side else I wouldn't have added in the paragraph above that I know custom things like new blocks and items are client side or with spout.

    Again not helpful :p
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    I think I know what you are talking about, you want a weapon with a custom name, lore, effects, and also make it to where the item drops when someone dies. But I don't see why the plugins you referred to wouldn't allow you to drop the said item. Just because they don't say that they drop the item doesn't mean they don't. Try it!
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    Perhaps but from what I've read and how 1.7.2 deals with custom items, It only sounds like you get it through the /give command.. Wich would be helpful on say adventure maps or something but in non of the plugins I've seen (or I might've missed) when it talks about the config that it brings up drop %
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    Id its dropping items that are in the game, just with different loves, names etc then it is possible with bukkit.
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    For devs: you can use the EntityDeathEvent to set a custom itemstack for the drops if you want to take this project on.
    tommygoesha You can get it from other means when dealing with bukkit plugins. Just relax and I'm sure someone will come along and fill this for you.
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    Gotcha, Just wondering if its actually confirmed that any of the plugins actually drop- In the meantime I'll look for myself as well.
    The Bonus question was just for people who can answer a Modding related question.

    I'm not angry or anything of the sort, Just wanted to make sure people weren't thinking I was just some dumb noob asking another noob question xD. Although it probably is.
    Thank you though for the answer :)

    For the bonus question I was looking for something like this
    Wich is nice but I have 1.6.4. so it doesnt work for me :p.. But thank you guys for the answers anyway
    Someone can close this now ^-^

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    Oh sorry, then i wont help ;)
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    Well if thats what you want to call it :p
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    Yea it is. EVERYONE... I got dis one...

    Hell, I could do that in MCEdit in my spare time.
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    Did you see what I quoted? Can you read?
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    You quoted my entire post.. Wich has been answered 2-3 times that it is possible.. My modding question however was not possible >With bukkit<..
    Dont get upset at others if your just going to give 2-3 word answers.
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    actualy from what i understand its possible just very hard like a big plugin i can try it but ill need to be payed
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    tommygoesha This was your entire post?
    and _feedDz there are no monetary offers on bukkit, and what he was asking about with images is guranteed impossible currently.
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    *facerub* You asked "Did you see what I quoted" I scrolled up and what you were quoting was my entire post.
    2nd the Question about the images was with mods in mind. I know bukkit can not handle new images because its clientside.. but you don't like to read apparently.
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    Apperently neither do you.
  21. Wasn't there a plugin called "RPGItems" or something along those lines? It allowed you to create custom items (weapons with special abilities/names/lores/attributes) and you could configure it so mobs would drop it. Don't know if it is still around though.
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    Locked per request.
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