dropItem and dropItemNaturally bugged?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SteveE104, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Hello all.

    I've been writing some simple plugins, and my latest involves changing the way blocks are broken.
    Basically, I check if the block is in the "Digging" state, then set it's typeId too 0. I then use dropItems in the blocks location. The items all drop the way I want them to, but when I pick them up, the block can not be placed, and disappears from my inventory if I try.

    Is there a workaround to fix this, or am I missing something.
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    It works fine, post your code?
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    This is just one of my functions, but it behaves the same as the others. Everything works fine, but the dropped items are not acting like blocks broken in a regular fashion.

        public void goldPick(BlockDamageEvent click) {
            check = click.getBlock().getTypeId();
            toolId = click.getPlayer().getItemInHand().getTypeId();
            ItemStack tool = click.getPlayer().getItemInHand();
            state = click.getDamageLevel().toString();
            if (check == 1 && state == "DIGGING" && toolId == 285) {
                tool.setDamage((byte) (tool.getDamage() + 1));
                click.getPlayer().getWorld().dropItemNaturally(new Location (click.getBlock().getWorld(), click.getBlock().getX(), click.getBlock().getY(), click.getBlock().getZ()), new ItemStack (4));
                if (tool.getDamage() == (byte) 192) {
    And here is the plugin if anyone wants to try it out for me...

    Golden Ax, Pick, and Shovel are ready, and I might do the Sword and Hoe if I think they would be of any use.

    -Golden Ax breaks all logs above the one you break, has the default number of uses.
    -Golden Pick breaks smooth stone at a very fast rate, has 192 uses.
    -Golden Shovel breaks grass, dirt, soil, sand and gravel at a very fast rate, also has 192 uses.

    Though nothing dropped seems to work at the moment....

    Any other plugins I could check out that use the dropItems method.
    I've tried iStick, but the item drops have been disabled, perhaps it is having the same problem?

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    event.getPlayer().getWorld().dropItemNaturally(event.getPlayer().getLocation(), new ItemStack(MATERIAL.IRON, 1));
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    Thank you! It's working great! :D

    I could call it a 1.0 release now!

    I'll post it here, and put one on the release board as well.

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    :p good job :D
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    Chuck Lieb

    event.getPlayer().getLocation() should be the location of the block, not the player, yes?
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    If you wanted it to drop from the block instead of the player I would assume
    would work
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    Yes, I used event.getBlock().getLocation() so the drop spawns from the blocks location as it would regularly. Though spawning a drop at the players location could have its own uses...
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