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    Hello bukkit developers.
    I wonder if you could make a plugin for me.

    Plugin name: DropHeads [1.8-1.13]

    What this plugin supposed to do:
    A Simple plugin that when a mob dies drop a head that you can sell it in a GUI
    If it's easy to hook this plugin with MobStacker2 so if a stack of mob dies drops the specific number of heads
    for example, if there is a mob stack of 20 and die will drop 20 heads.
    The mobs should drop heads when they die from anything, maybe from fire, lava or fall anything.

    Commands - Permissions
    /sellheads - Opens the GUI to sell the heads - (dh.access) working with /sellhead too
    /dropheads reload - Reload the plugin - (dh.admin)

    #List of mobs and sell value of each. (I can configure out everything here like add more mobs and change the prices)

    IronGolem: 100
    ZombiePigMan: 100
    MagmaSlime: 100
    CaveSpider: 100
    Enderman: 100

    About selling heads:
    after I open the GUI I click to a head from my inventory and it goes automatically to the GUI. The GUI accepts only heads.
    There are two buttons in the 2 last rows of GUI 1 that accept the "trade" and 1 that decline the "trade"
    (Accept= Block:EmeraldBlock - Slot: 53)
    (Decline= Block:RedstoneBlock - Slot:54)
    After clicking the accept button the GUI automatically closes and you earn the money from the heads you sold
    After clicking the decline button the GUI automatically closes and you get back your heads that you had in the GUI

    That's all! hope it's easy to make it !! take your time.
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