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    Suggested name: DropParty!

    What I want: I would like a simple easy to use plugin where I can set a configuration file to what blocks and items I want players to receive so when the drop party is on there is an element of randomness to what you get (e.g I get 64 diamond blocks and someone else gets 32 god apples)

    I need to be able to make it so when I type the default command to start a drop party it instantly announces it in chat and then it gives out randomly items which have been set in the configuration file.

    *Essential* Need to be able to set an enchanted item a bit like in essentials kits (e.g diamondswordid sharpness: 5)

    It needs to announce in chat when it starts and also it needs to announce when its about to end (e.g The drop party will be finishing in 10 seconds!

    It would also be great if we could have a customizable Prefix for the chat!

    When I say randomness in the plugin I don't want it to be when I type the command everyone gets 4 diamonds and 2 emeralds I want everyone to receive random things!

    I also want it so that after (e.g 2 minutes) the drop party ends without the admin having to type a command to turn it off!

    *IMPORTANT* I dont want it to be like a drop party where it drops items on the floor when the admin types the command players get it instantly in there inventory no having to pick any item sup to make it more fun !

    Ideas for commands:
    /dp on = Starts drop party and players start to receive random blocks!

    /dp reload = Reloads plugin

    Ideas for permissions:

    dropparty.* = Gives the player permission to all commands

    dropparty.recieve = Lets player receive blocks when the drop party is in progress!

    When I'd like it by: ASAP


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    HubTeleportBow copy from arkhamnetwork and so on :)
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    nope i came with my own idea :) so nope
  5. Thanks for your help and anyway I just need a drop party plugin a bit like the one you described not a bunch of people squabbling :/
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    I've made a plugin like this for pratice some time ago. I can send it to you if I find it.
    Remember: Only IF I find it!
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    The amount of bumps in this thread is too damn high!

    Try these (I'd recommend the first/top one, PartyCraft):
    PartyCraft (1.7.9/1.7.10)
    DropParty (1.7.9/1.7.10)
    Drop Party (1.4.6 - OUTDATED!)
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  10. Thanks PapiDimmi I will look closer tonight! Thanks BeastCraft3 Can you send it to me please!

    PapiDimmi Players have to add there own items to the Dp I want it so it can be set in the config what the players get!

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  14. Firerydragon2442

    I like the plugin idea! That would be a great way to reward for donations, if you hit your donation goal, it starts a drop party! if you find a plugin like the one you asked for, tahg me please.

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