Driving minecarts and boats

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mollekake, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Hello people.
    So this is just for fun, but i want to figure out how to drive minecarts on the ground.

    I know there are a bunch of plugins out there, but i won't learn anything from them, also, they got a bunch of other features which i don't care about.

    I tried setting the yaw and velocity of the cart inside the VehicleUpdateEvent, but it don't seem to do anything.

    I also tried to make it work with boats, which was easier but, it looks really glitchy.

    anyone got any guidelines? :)
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    Reading the code of any plugin is always a good way to learn. You learn from others that know what they're doing.
    You come to the forums to ask for code so why not just look at other plugins that accomplish this goal?
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    Well for one, code that is not public domain, i can't view (yes i can decompile, but that is illegal).
    Secondly, i don't ask for any code, if you read my post, you would see that i only wanted some pointers in the right direction ;)
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    Who said that decompiling is illegal? Decompiling, editing code and uploading the project under your name is illegal. Sharing the decompiled code is illegal. But decompiling is not. I do it all the time
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    Set velocity works fine for me.
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