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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FreezeMc, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Lives

    Minecraft version: 1.16

    Suggested name: CanonL

    What I want: I'd like A Plugin in which you can add canon lives. a canon life is like hardcore but with 3 deaths you go into spectator mode. so for example. if I was in a war with a friend and I died 3 times I would be locked in spectator. In the config, id like to set it to what type of death count as canon deaths. so a list for mob deaths, player death, elytra deaths, Potion Deaths, Void deaths, make sure they say false by default. in this case, I only want deaths caused by real players to count as a canon death.

    Ideas for commands: /cl set (playername) <value> (sets the lives)
    /cl remove (playername) <value> (removes how much you put in <value>)
    /cl add (playername) <value> (adds how much you put in <value>)
    /cl toggle (Toggles if canon lives should be on or not)

    Ideas for permissions: canonlives.toggle (toggle perm)
    canonlives.add (add perm)
    canonlives.remove (remove perm)
    canonlives.set (set perm)
    (all perms should allow op to use it by default)

    When I'd like it by
    1 - 2 days

    All other plugins don't have the deaths feature so I'm relying on bukkit.
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    It Works, can you add a Toggle mode on and off?

    can you make it so that only player caused deaths make the canon lives go down, mob deaths and stuff like that shouldn't make your canons run out

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    I added the features you recommended.
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