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  1. Plugin category: Teleportation , Fun

    Suggested name: Dream Warp

    What I want: I would like to ask if someone could make a plugin that it checks a set area to see if it is night and see if all of the players in that area are in bed, once the players are in bed it would show a kind of transition effect like they are falling asleep. After that it would teleport them to the specified location and show an effect of everything coming into focus. It would need to make sure the players can't move once everyone is in bed.

    No idea if the effects are possible.

    It would probably need worldedit to select the region.
    Ideas for commands:
    /dw tool (uses worldedit tool to select an area)
    /dw create [area name] [message] <- what it says when it makes everyone sleep ex. "Good Night"
    /dw setbed [area name] <- would work while standing on a bed and would let you choose as many beds as you want within the region.
    /dw setwarp [areaname] <- sets where everyone warps to.
    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: within two weeks if possible
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    The effects are not possible, unless they are potion effects like nausea and blindness. Bukkit plugins can't create new resources like effects, they can only call existing effects for the client to display.
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  4. ShadowDragon7015 I actually did this before but I had to cancel it because back then I was a beginner, I will actually start making it today!
  5. This is kind of what i am looking for but i need it to only teleport players in a certain area and only once they are all asleep.
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