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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NotYetRated, Jan 27, 2013.

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    It is indeed a very weird situation, knocking Towny for "external download links". You will be exceptionally busy mbaxter, as a substantial amount of plugins on this site feature external download links. A bunch of incredibly popular plugins: Dynmap, citizens, McMMO, just to name a few.

    I do not envy your job, in needing to sift through and kill each plugin offending the "external links" rule. I expect you will be notifying each other offending plugin in short time?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    We've already started working to contact authors to ensure compliance with the guidelines, and Towny was one of the first contacted. Meanwhile, among your examples are plugins which are following the guidelines.

    Please drop the with-attitude approach to your posts, the above post came off as unnecessarily aggressive.
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    mbaxter would you mind reopening the thread you closed. If players want to discuss it why not let them?
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    The thread will remain closed as all it turned into was a link to plugins that do not exist on Bukkit, which is against our policies.

    Towny chose to leave If you wish to see it back, you should contact the dev of the plugin, not us.
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    Sincere apologies, did not mean to come off as aggressive in any way. I simply do not want to see such a great community go down the drain.

    I am still quite confused as to the whole situation, as I still see an absolute ton of plugins with outside links. It is this that makes me wonder as to the true reason for Towny going missing, or ever being an issue to begin with.

    I love the work you all do: mbaxter, Llmdl, TnT and many others. I do not want to see any petty arguments or personal vendettas(or whatever it may be) between devs be the reason for censorship, or for others to miss out on the opportunity at great plugins.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    NotYetRated As the post you just quoted says, we've started contacting authors. We haven't finished yet. Anything else confusing you? :)
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    We have started contacting authors, as mbaxter stated, and are working with them to come up with the best solution for all parties involved. The Towny developers did not want to work with us and requested their project to be removed from DBO.

    Other projects have been far more cordial in their interactions and most understand our desire to keep the community safe.

    The decision to move off of DBO was entirely undertaken by the Towny developers. You should try asking them why they've moved off of the most safe place to host projects in the Minecraft community, which we provide absolutely free of charge for anyone interested in hosting projects.

    As a side note to everyone, we do not allow advertising on these forums, so linking to where Towny now hosts their project is not allowed.
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  8. I'll answer your question TnT, but you'll likely just delete the post as you did with my support helpers LlmDl's.

    We moved off of dev.bukkit because we refuse to comply to a newly and selectively imposed broken rule of no external links when you invalidate it by allowing external links to build servers.
    You claim that the rule is to protect the users of the plugins because you check all content on dev.bukkit, yet you then totally invalidate that by allowing SOME plugins external links and allow all links to build servers.
    You do not check the content of those build servers, therefore you offer no protection. The rule is broken by your own exceptions.
    I and many others have come to the conclusion that this is solely a push to bring more traffic to dev.bukkit in advance of the monetization with adverts for curse.

    Towny downloads will remain exactly where they always have been for the past two years.

    If linking to the Towny side is 'advertising', then so is linking to ANY external site. I'd ask that you please apply these rules equally and fairly. If we can not link to the Towny site then you should also prevent any other pages linking to any external site.
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    I think the ToS needs to be updated then. Currently it actually says the opposite.
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    We allow links to build servers as a compromise made with the developers. However, it does require a disclaimer, as stated by the project submission guidelines here:
    If there is any misuse of those build servers for malicious purposes we'll quickly remove the entire project from You are arguing against compromises we have made with developers for their sake, despite our offers to you to host your dev builds on a CI server. This wasn't done for our benefit, but for the benefit of developers who wish to get their dev builds out to the community members who like to help test. I do not understand your desire to hurt your fellow developers by pushing us to remove those build server links.

    If you would read those guidelines, we clearly state that build server links do not replace the need to upload to, nor should it be a prominent link on a project page.

    We do apply the rules equally and fairly. It is quite common for us to remove offsite links and I do so daily. However, this is a large site and its not possible without some extreme big brother oversight to catch every single one.

    Ne0nx3r0 That clause is there to allow developers on the Bukkit forums/DBO to link to their own plugins on the Bukkit forums/DBO.
  11. TnT you are quoting BukkitDev guidlines not these forum ToS.
    This forum ToS permits us to link to palmergames as that is our homepage/favorite site and always has been.
    We have always (2 years) linked to it from both this and the DBO site with no issue. We have release no malware and see no reason to be locked out now.
    We have even FOUND malware which you repeatedly missed (backdoor in Lockette was there for a year+).

    Are you now saying the ToS of these forums is wrong, and no one is permitted to link to their site?

    BTW TnT, your own PYML dev bukkit page is in breach of the rules. You link to downloadable jars on your GitHub page. That is neither dev.bukkit, nor is it a build server.
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    This forum does not allow advertising. You are interpreting it how you wish, I'm stating how it is.

    Yes, and when the guidelines changed and we politely asked you to change it you voluntarily broke all the guidelines and requested deletion of your project. You wanted it this way, so there should be no need to debate these points.
    I remember that to be Hidendra who brought that to our attention.

    I'm stating the ToS specifically states no advertising, which you conveniently forget in an attempt to get your way.

    That is not my project. Regardless, we have a list of many projects we are contacting to help bring into compliance.

    If you wish to promote your plugin again, you can resubmit it to DBO, or request your project be reinstated after you make the required changes. Until then, remember, you choose to remove your plugin from DBO, and we have a clearly defined ToS you can follow.
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