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    this game would spawn the players into a water race/parkour course with a boat. The purpose of the game would be to parkour and race to the end on water. this plugin will give boats jumps, underwater, speed. and even flips for coins if thats possible. The course can be customizable and there would be special blocks that will give you speed, underwater boating, and jumps. however if its possible the players will always have flips. if a person tries to go into other persons track, they get pushed. I know there is a plugin that gives you a block that you place down and gives your boat abilities, but i want a plugin that has all of the above in one plugin. And at the end of the course for the final jump, the players get ejected shot of the boat to complete the on final jump where they land on a target and the person to finish first, or the closest to the middle of the target wins. The boat should also be indestructible and the map should be able to reset and loops every 30 sec. There would also be a time limit(changeable in the config). Thnx

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