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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gosintary, Jun 8, 2018.

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    I need a plugin for minecraft 1.9 that adds a second inventory.
    How it works:
    When the player types /build, it changes the players hotbar to a preset one. If possible it should keep the players inventory and only replace their hotbar. If that is not possible its okay however I need it to keep their armor. When the player types /build again it should give them their hotbar and inventory back.

    Players with the permission "" should be able to do /buildsave and it should save that players hotbar as the /build hotbar. then when other players do /build it gives them that hotbar.

    I hope this makes sense! If not let me know!

    I need this sooner than later! Thanks!
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    I can recognise that you are puzzling together your actual plugin where you want to have a build-mode with special tools. In my opinion it is not very effective to split this one project up into so many smaller ones. I would suggest ypu to make one big request maybe. Of course this could get even less attention. Or you trail end error until you can code it yourself.
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    @MightyOne I’m currently attempting to learn java and Bukkit, this is just a temporary solution.
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