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    Plugin category: Utility

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: DoorPassword

    What I want: I want an plugin for lock door with password. i want can define door an password, can make infinity door and password. i woul like type the pass world in the anvil ranamer bar. usable for iron door. when password is true, open the door for an difined time (can config with command). Need password all time, Cant open with redstone, lever, button, ... can type password in safe zone (ex : spawn faction , ...{optional})

    Ideas for commands:
    - /DoorPasswordDefine [password] (look the door)
    - /DoorPasswordTime [Time in seconds]
    - /DoorPasswordRemove (look the door) (OP only)
    - /DoorPasswordChange [NewPassword] (look the door) (only owner of the door and OP)

    Ideas for permissions:
    - DoorPassword.Define
    - DoorPassword.Time
    - DoorPassword.Remove
    - DoorPassword.Change

    When I'd like it by:
  2. Hey I would love to make this plugin for you. But how do you wanna open the door? Ah i get it you wanna open a anvil inventory? and than when the name is right you can click a green wool for example and the door will open when the code is corret. And the anvil inventory will open when you right click the door right? I will start coding on it will take me like 2 a 4 days is think!
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    ok , thanks , yes it that , when right click on door , open anvil inventory . and open the door if the password is correct.
  4. I am coding it right now. But I had some quostions they can't break the door right? and the owner of the door either only when the password is removed? And can the passwoord only be one word or more words like. MyPassword or can it also be like My Password
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    for the password : "my password" the owner can remove the protection or change the password , OP can remove all doors and change all.

    nobody can breake door when her is protected by password
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  6. One more queston why can't the owner of the door remove the door? And olny the op?
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    try lockette.......
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    Lockette is the one with the sign protection.
    Use /lwc, and then /cpassword

    EDIT: Never mind, this doesn't have anvils and a timer.
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    the owner of the door can remove but the op to .
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    i have test your plugin , but the door never closed , and is only numbers :(
  12. Hey I am almost done! It works greate but one more quistion what is the /doorpasswordtime ? Like when the door needs to close again?

    EDIT: WELL! I am finsihed after like 20 hours of coding :). I will post a link in this forum when it's accepted by the admins! Pls post me if found a bug because i can't find anymore bugs but if you find tell me!

    EDIT: Well here it is!
    Hope you will enjoy it!
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    @TechCommandCraft Thanks for your work , i'm gonna to test that ^^
  14. Gl with it :)

    EDIT: He i am so sorry for the problem i have fixed it! Hope the plugin will work fine now!
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