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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kevin Forte, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Kevin Forte

    I think a plugin that let you specify a button as a "doorbell" would be awesome. You could use a command such as '/db add' and then right click a button. Whenever that button was pressed, the user that created the doorbell would get a message they could set with '/db msg' or a set message like "Someone's at the door!" (You get the gist). It would also be nice to be able to turn the doorbell notifications on/off from within the game, with like '/db on/off'. I just thought it'd be neat, because noteblocks are useless when you're down in a mine or far away.
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    ..or you could wire up noteblocks?
  3. I think he has wired up noteblocks, but he's saying that only works if you are in range of the note when someone rings it. But with Pailstone, you could possibly attach a sign to the noteblock (as per pailstone's docs) and when the doorbell rings, the note is sounded, and your designated text appears in the chat window.
    I think that's what he's more after ............
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    Kevin Forte

    Ahh interesting, yes that is definitely what I was after. Axrael haha I know I can wire up note blocks, but they're basically useless unless you're right next to them (I have a large home with a few portals) so I was looking for something else. Thanks for the tip though xP
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    This would be nice. It could also be used as a burglar alarm or something.

    Put some random pressure plates or buttons throughout your house. If anyone steps on them, it will say a message across the server that someone is trespassing on your property. You could then quickly return to your house and see who it is, or if you are a mod or something, just TP there and catch the griefer in the act.
  6. ........... or, even better, using Pailstone's remote command feature, send a remote command that pulls a lever, and with something like 'controlblock' available, you could make the entire floor they are on disappear and drop them into a pit of lava ........ the only downside is, you won't be there to hear them sizzle ........ :p

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