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    After seeing the movie "In Time", I realized it would be
    an awesome concept for a multiplayer server.

    The quote: "Dont waste my time..." can be taken very literally here.

    In the movie people are genetically altered to grow up till they are
    25 years old and then stay like that but on their arm a clock starts ticking
    down from 1 year.

    Basically you pay with time for everything, there is no money, only time.

    Rich people have alot of time, while the poor are living day to day.
    When your counter reaches 0 you die.

    Now my idea's were:

    When you join the server your clock starts ticking and a welcome message appears.
    "Good morning, its your 25th anniversary. Your clock starts now."

    You would have maybe 1 minecraft week. (calibrated to the ingame days/nights)

    When that clock runs out you die, and loose all the items you had.

    Selling diamonds, gold, iron to banks (admin placed houses with chests or so for deposit).
    Would grant you some time. The rarer the mats the more time you have left.

    Optional: If someone kills you they steal your time. (but only if they do it with fists, just like
    the movie).

    Is it possible by the way to show a counting down clock above someones name ingame? This way it could potentionally be alot more clear to ppl who has what. As I always want the richer people to have to get bodyguards
    and be more aware of whats going on.

    /time : would basically show you the time left you have.
    /time give [playername] [hours] : gives time to the player
    /time [playername] : shows this players time

    a trade system between items and time and even only time is a must have,
    and if possible the time should remain
    on the chat at all times, dont know if theres a possibility for this.

    Quite interested in seeing this developed and would love to have
    a modder join me in this, Im a graphics designer in real life, addicted
    to minecraft and can design anything except for java. Websites,
    graphics, pixelart, anything. I would take rent and stuff for the server
    all on me and I would share donations with the modder as this
    could be a decent project.

    The server is already being designed, as in spawnpoint, starter city.
    (It's a future themed world.)

    Thanks in advance,
    Greetings, RiZZaH (aka Varo)
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    Just watched that movie (epic btw), I think about making such a plugin.
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    I would love to see the idea not being stolen right after the idea is mentioned for the first time anywhere in Minecraft communities lol.

    Interested in working together, its a fairly simple mod.

    RiZZaH (aka Varo)
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    Yeah, I thought about using iConomy money as a time.
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    iConomy is way to big imho for this and I dont even know if iConomy has a auto reduct feature that could
    be calibrated to fit minecraft days.

    It would need to be something simpler.

    Is it possible by the way to show a counting down clock above someones name ingame? This way it could potentionally be alot more clear to ppl who has what. As I always want the richer people to have to get bodyguards
    and be more aware of whats going on.

    EDIT: I'm now offering 20 euro to anyone who can make this for me. (update costs can be discussed) or
    if you are still open to join my team and host a server together aimed at this kinda world, let me know.

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    it should be possible to manipulate the nameplate, even if it's not simple (as I heared).
    The updating of the nameplates could cause massive lags.
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    yes thats what I am afraid off. Offc nameplates could be like
    < 1 hour
    < 10 hours
    < 100 hours

    Update intervals could be limited, I count more on modders to help me out on that area.

    RiZZaH aka Varo
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    I would use something like a delay you could setup in a config
    Got a few other things to do right now, but I'll keep that idea in my mind.
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    In the meantime, if any of you modders out there believes they have what it takes to work it out like I've described it here, please do private message me. I will get back to you asap.


    BUMP POST: Now offering 40 euro's to anyone who can make it the way I posted here. Through paypal or steam.

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    I have seen this request before, a while ago now. Someone said they would do it. I don't know if they did it or not have a look around for it. I would do it but I'm a bit busy at the moment :)
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    that would suck, but I cant seem to find it in requests, development or in plugins released , so I'm still going for it :p

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    I think I'll take it :)
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    great, you can contact me through pm and ill give you ventrilo information and email where you can
    always find me
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    i want to be the plugin being realesed public as i would love it on my server
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    To make the rich even harder to kill, time could equal hearts too! So like every heart you lose from damage would be cancelled and take an hour from your life.
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    Shitty. I thought about this too, but I kept it secret, so I could run a server like this when I got the money for it, but... Actualy: AWESOME. I probably would never have done it myself, so if someone makes this it would be cool.
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    if i can get this made or a decent modder to help me out, we could make it pretty big together and release it for the outside world, i wouldnt mind this (without some features though)

    This could be an option to set, but I would rather have it not to. This way you could potentially see someone die in front of your eyes with weeks on his clock, meaning he dies with precious time. Think before you act :p
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    Father Of Time

    I will be completely transparent, I personally have no interest in designing plug-ins for anything outside my own server, but your request has intrigued me; not because of the concept, but because of your personal qualifications.

    Your concept should be simple enough to implement; the hardest part would be taking the "lose" ideas and solidify them into an executable project. But before we begin discussing anything plug-in related I would first like to talk about the possibility of "skill trading".

    I've been in need of a graphic and web designer for several months now.I've been meaning to visit the local colleges to hopefully find a diamond in the rough, but due to my real life schedule I've just kept putting it off. I come from a web design background, but frankly I would prefer to outsource this work and focus my efforts elsewhere.

    So my questions are:
    1) Are you a professional designer, or an enthusiast?
    2) Do you have a publicly accessible portfolio ( both for web and graphic design ).
    3) are you willing to work in "skill trade".

    Frankly I have no concern if I keep credit for the plug-in, if you make it private or public, etc., What I provide you will be yours and vise versa. If you have any interest in speaking with me regarding this topic you can find me daily on our servers teamspeak:

    I'm usually on from 5pm eastern until 11pm eastern, simply pop in and ask for "Father Time", if I'm not there someone will likely assist you. Regardless, I wish you luck with the completion of your plug-in, the movie sure looked amazing so I can only imagine if done right it could foster a fun gaming experience.
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    Just added the time counter and the First-Join message.The player starts with 1 week, which is about 2.33 hours irl.
    atm you can only give him time, and not trade it.When he's out of time, he dies.

    -to be continued

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