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    Name: PowerupItems

    Description: The plugin will spawn in a floating item (configurable) every X seconds (configurable) at player-eye level height. EDIT: Here I should add that it has to be eye level above a block. If the block is air, the plugin needs to find another place to spawn the powerup. The plugin will find a random block in the world with 2 blocks of air on top, and spawn it there. On top, there will be a hologram (made with HolographicDisplays?) that says POWERUP (configurable, with color codes). When a player touches the floating item (walks into it) a command will be executed, randomly chosen out of the commands listed in the Config (no chances,just randomly select one).

    If you feel like it, it'd be really awesome to have worldguard support, to only spawn in regions that aren't __global__ (all regions except __global__).

    Commands & permissions: /powerup reload - powerup.reload - reload the Config.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    I found out this was actually possible with the HolographicDisplays API! Will post the plugin here when I'm done making it.

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