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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by pyraetos, Nov 13, 2011.

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    You've seen the post by Dinnerbone that Curse is extending their Rewards Points program to BukkitDev. I thought this was going to be passive and would just happen, an honest mistake, but they already have added Rewards Points somewhat it seems.
    Just letting everyone know to go to your BukkitDev profile overview and underneath your big avatar, make sure you've clicked sign up for rewards. It's not a form or anything, you just have to hit it.
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    I don't see it... got a picture?
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    Also don't see it. Do I need to be a plugin dev?
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    I also don't see it
  5. Same here. I want points D:
    Edit: Found it. Click on your name on profile: and then its on the bottom right
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    Perhaps I'm out to lunch.. I can click on the points, but nothing. Maybe I'm already signed up. If I go to it's blank.
    Thanks though pyraetos
    I see:



    Author ID

    Last login
    Online now!​
    14 Nov 2011​
    Reward points
    Bypass spending limit?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Just from some poking through different profiles, it appears that if it says "Reward points : 0" then you're signed up, but if it says something else about not being signed up then you aren't.

    Seems the rewards system itself still isn't running.
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    yeah that seems to be the case...
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    I asked DinnerBone:
    This was his reply:

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    Do you only get rewards if your plugin/program/... gets downloaded by the curse client?

    for me it's also saying: Reward points:0
    never activated it, it was like that since I made my account few months ago.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Please do read the post directly above yours.
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    I know it's not activated yet, but I'm talking about the future ;)
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    Deleted user

    From what I heard on IRC, the reward points system will be out in February...
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    [citation needed]

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    Deleted user

    I don't have a copy of the IRC chat, but some dude on #bukkit told me... I'm not sure who, but he did tell me it would be sometime in February that the rewards system would be activated...
    You can ask your fellow administrators for proof if you want...
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    me to cant see....
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  18. I really want to earn rewards :D
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    lol i think we all do :D
  20. So when it works how do you earn rewards?
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    Likely the way you do for addons.

    That is, based off the number of downloads (See below) your plugin has compared to all plugins.
  22. Awesome my plugin has 1050 downloads hehe
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    Actually, I made a mistake there. Not downloads, but rather how many people are currently running it.
  24. How does it know how many people run it?
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    That's TBD. We haven't been told.

    For it's easier, since all addons work though the curse client.
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    According to section "How are points calculated?"
    So ppl have to install it via their curse client though you do need a curse account for that its counted per user. One registered curse will be counted as one count even if he re-download/installs it.

    And afaik the "downloads" count on curse is nothing less than a click count for the filter "most downloaded" and will not count as "installed".

    As most of the plugins are server mods and have to be transfered to the server its more likely that you download it via wget or via an automated script rather than through curse-client.

    If thats the case i see no point in a signing up into the reward system. Plus the TOS on curse states this is for 18+ only as points can be redeemed.

    Point 3 in TOS "You must be an individual person at least 18 years of age to register for the Rewards Program (..)"

    Well i really dont care cause im way over 18 but i wonder how bukkit will control this cause probably some to none will read the entire TOS ;)

    Offtopic: Why not use apt-get bukkit (if its done) and integrate it with curse so it will counted as install when first downloaded (could be bound to user as well).
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    seems like I won't get much reward points with my built-in auto updater.... :(
    and I guess I'm not the only one using such a system...
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    We already know that as per above....?

    They can't legally send you stuff if your under 18 afaik. And, you can't legally have a paypal account if your under 18 either.

    So either people will have fudge the details or get permission to use their parent's name and stuff.

    As for tracking how many servers are running a plugin... is a really good solution. They could just build that into bukkit.
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    There was a news post here some time ago. They're going to include a system which reports all used plugins to curse, but you can opt out if you want.
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    so we wait this thing for 7 mounth and nothing change? nobody will install curse client v4 that is a stupid thing, why curse dont perform a system like Hidendra do for traking users and server that have plugin installed??
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