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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by little_dude187, Aug 6, 2014.

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    i need a plugin that makes it so you dont drop specific items on death, Example:

    i have crackshot the gun plugin and when people donate for guns i want it so they dont drop on death

    nodrop is to complicated

    simple and sweet all i need

    do whatever commands and stuff to the plugin i just need it,

    and maybe an option so you also cant drop it on the ground


    little_dude187!! :D
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    what are the items, or do you want those configurable?
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    i would like them configurable cause i might change/add guns etc. later
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    bump i can really use this asap
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    Have you googled?
  7. I maybe can make this
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    googled what no drop plugins? yes no luck

    good luck rewards awate
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    bump i need this plugin asap please
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  13. I made this plugin, but I have 2 problems so far:
    • If the dropped items that aren't supposed to be dropped aren't in one stack, only 1 stack disappears for some reason.
    • The player that respawns doesn't get their items back.
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    On the player death event, just remove everything from the inventory that has to be removed. That should work.
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    tell you the truth guys i suck with plugins so im confused with any questions sorry ;-;
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    The items that the player isn't "allowed" to drop, will those items be transfer to the players new inventory on respawn? Or do you wish to completely remove the item?
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    make a config option to set that to true or false or make it for a specific item. but if u cant or to lazy to do that then let it come back to new inv on respawn
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    How about letting item drop on the ground, but only those with a certain permission can pick the item up. If the person trying to pick the item up doesn't have the permission a simply printout to that users screen like "Only donations can obtain this item" ?
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    i like the idea. Make that a config option for a true/false for the specific items.

    Also make it so you cannot remove the item from your inventory or put in chests. But enderchests you can put it in. But your not allowed to click it and drag it out of the GUI and drop it.

    And make it configurable so you can drop it out of the GUI but you dont loose it on death. Also make everything so you cant press Defaulty Q to quick drop it.
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    This thread is too allover the place, I suggest editing it and explaining everything you want in a plugin. EVERYTHING.
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    ok xD

    i want it so there a config option for a specific item so you cant drop it out of the inventory by pressing Q or dragging it out.


    Drop_Out_Of_Inventory: True Or False

    But, I would like it so you can put the items you cant drop in an enderchest but not a normal chest.

    And to not put the items in item frames.

    Also to have a permission to bypass this feature.

    that should be easier

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    2 hours ?.?
    There were only 10 hours between your Bumps.
    And you are not allowed to bump within 24 hours...
    And the difference between 10 and 24 is definitely not 2...

    The difference between these dates is 22 hours, correct.
    However you made your bumps at these times (in my timezone) :
    little_dude187, Yesterday at 12:07 AM
    little_dude187, Yesterday at 10:26 PM

    Only 10 hours later...

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    .-. omfg i just do it once every day idk why your so freakin accurate if your not gonna make a plugin dont reply on this page please mind your own business
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