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    I am setting up a server for my friends and i want to have a banking system:

    plugin category: FIX

    minecraft version: 1.3.1

    suggested name: enderbank

    what i want: i want to have a plugin that, if a player opens an enderchest, saves his name,
    and creates a personal storage for him/her. if that player opens another enderchest, it shows his personal storage again. this creates a banking system for players on my server.

    ideas for commands: /enderbank see <player> (for admins)

    ideas for permissions: enderbank.admin (allows players to use /enderbank see, default = op)

    when i'd like it by: ASAP ;)

    p.s. sorry for my bad english, i'm dutch
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    Nice Idea
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    Sorry, but, isnt that exactly how enderchests behave?
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    no, normally you have one "storage", i want all players to have thier own, personal storage in ender chests

  5. Actually EnderChests, Are Personal chests, If you think that is not true, Use ChestBank
    Also your achievement get thingy, you spell'd achievement.
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    i,ll look into it soon, thanks

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    Nice idea ;p
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    everyone sorry for my mistake Peter Bui was right :oops:

    thanks for help!


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