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    Hey guys!

    As you know, there are many area - editing plugins like world edit out there, helping with replanting a reeeaaaally gigantic amount of seeds (like 10.000 or more).

    But what if you have a server where only the admins can use world edit?


    Plugin Category:
    World Editing Tools

    Suggested name:

    What I want:
    What I want, and what i think some people would really like to have, is a plugin that sets seeds directly to a before specified area of farmland only by pressing a button.

    Ideas for commands:
    /autoseed setregion
    /autoseed bindregionto
    /autoseed reseedregion regionname

    Ideas for permissions:

    General ideas:
    Probably the command to re-seed could be given to a sign that says:

    When I'd like to have it:
    Next weekend would be finde (around 10 days from now)

    I hope you guys can help me!

    //edit: Here is a screenshot of the farm the plugin should work with:

    Wheat Farm by Montor

    MrMontor :)
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    Use MachinaPlanter.
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    This is not really what i want.

    I need an invisible plugin, not a machine...
    How would that possibly even work with my farm?


    Someone there who has an idea???

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    Solved the problem for myself with VariableTriggers.

    Still a good idea for a plugin - but doesn't matter if you have the time to do your own tiny pseudo plugin with variable triggers ;)

    Closed Request :)

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