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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Redsfyre, Dec 14, 2012.

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    For my server I have been looking for a plugin to make donations a little easier/more fun. Having a new "points system" would allow players to buy and sell donor points for in game economy money. (Almost like a basic economy system but called DonorPoints)

    Now, to spend these donorpoints i would need a plugin like chestshop or a way of purchasing from signs. But rather than buying items with donorpoints, you will be able to buy in game currency or commands (flymode, godmode, unlimited sethomes)
    So for the plugin to work it would need a way to link commands to a sign (pex {user} add

    *Example: (chestshop signs)

    10 (cost in dp)

    If there is any way of making this plugin, or adding other features to it, i would love to hear back on it :D

    Also if someone could make this plugin, i would love to talk to you via teamspeak or skype to share ideas on the plugin :)
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    hmm, I like this idea. I'm a very, very new developer but I'm interesting in trying this out.
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    That would be awesome if you could get it to work :D
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    I've made a plugin like this for my server, I could tweak it a bit and send it to you. If you wish to add me on skype, we can talk it out.

    My skype name is: shawnandstuff
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    If MistPhizzle cant help I am happy to make it for you.
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    I've already finished the plugin.
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