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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tokenfire, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I'm looking for someone to make a plugin that will make donations more easier. I need someone that can code both java, and php that will make donations more effective through paypal. If you wish to assist me with this plugin, message me and I'll give you the FULL details. For now, this should be enough to spark your interest. And of course there can be a nice pay check coming your way.

    Basically what I want to happen is, when a player donates for a "Rank" it will set them automatically once on login, and alerts the player of the start date/time/end date/time. Also it will send an alert to all [op's] with player name, the 'Rank' bought, and the time frame the player has. Now at the end period it will automatically demote them once on login. And pro haps set this plug-in to enter act with paypal, and be compatible with permissions X, if possible.

    Also, feel free to ask questions if still unsure. I tried to explain as best as I could. And of course if this plug-in is successful, you can have full rights to say you coded the plugin. But I want FULL rights to do as I wish.

    Want to learn more about what I want done? Message me and I'll tell you exactly what I want this plugin to do. And of course, theres as nice price attached to it.

    Added, a little summery of what I want this plugin to do. Enjoy.

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  2. My plugin buycraft will sort you out. Does exactly what you need. PS use search next time also, simply searhing donations brings up my plugin.
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    Thank you for your help, but I've already looked at your plugin a while back, and its to complex for me, and doesn't do exactly what I want done. Your using a website, in order to sell the items, which all I want this plugin to do, is once purchased it will automatically rank the user. No commands needed, no going to other 3rd party websites to use there services, nor having to copy and past a purchase code in world chat (Meaning commands). I'm looking for something that will do everything that I have said, but automatic. Then at the end period it will then automatically de-rank them.

    If you wish to assist me with this, I'd be willing to pay you for it.
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  4. good luck getting what you want without using any of the above. You will not get any possible way of doing a paypal transaction without a website. You cant do a paypal transaction through the game chat. Buycraft does also autmoatically de-rank them, its updated alot and I seriously suggest you take a look at it again! :)


    I also dont see whats wrong with using a 3rd party website, we have no downtime (around 29 minutes at the moment over 3 months).
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    Buycraft looks amazing, I'll be buying a premium account with them once I get my server going.
  6. Thanks, im actually the one and only developer of it by the way :p
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    I thought I would come back to this thread since I haven't had anyone look into this. I've noticed since I posted this thread, a LOT of people are requesting this plugin and calling it there own...:mad:
    If anyone would like to code this, I'm willing to pay $50, but it needs to be done within 3 days tops, And be working. message me if your interested. Thanks
  8. Well it was my idea originally.. you know.. thats where Buycraft came from...

    I will develop this for you if you are interested.
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    Actually yes in a way it is, but my plugin is a little different then what yours does. So..Yes please. I don't care who does it. I just want this plugin and call it my own. And like I said who ever codes it I'm willing to give them the credit, but I want FULL 100% rights to do as I wish with it. Remember theres a $50 price tag on this plugin, which I think is well worth it.
  10. Turns out I cant do it as I have maths exams coming soon so i dont exactly have much time. Sorry.
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    Ok, like I said I don't care who does it. As long as I can get this plugin soon.
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    $50 whole dollars? Just for a plugin/php with exclusive rights? Man I think you should drop that down to $35.

    I pay ppl $20-50 to spend 20 minutes making simple plugins. I paid a certain dev that shall remain nameless $100 to add 3 lines of code or so to his plugin.

    From this post and the one over in lmcs thread you have proven yourself to be a very worldly and intelligent person.
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    Yeah because nobody else (as in me) EVER had that idea before.
    You were just the one who decided to make it.
  14. 50 dollars for a donation plugin is very low, 35 is out of the window. Im not doing it any way so idc.

    Why carry on this arugment? Give it a break, it was over ages ago and we all decided who made it first. Stop carrying things on.
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    You're basically advertising for your service which you profit off of. This thread doesn't involve you.
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  16. what?? I left this thread ages ago! Look at the post dates... I only came back here cause I was tagged by someone, and actually, I dont make "profit" off of Buycraft, its a minimal amount. Im not the only plugin developer what charges for plugin aspects anyway.
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    So you carry on the argument by telling me to stop caryying on the argument?
    Lmao. I love hypocrites.
    I used to have a lot of respect for you. But I've seen a bunch of your posts lately and... My respect is elsewhere.
  18. No, I wasnt carrying the argument, I was just confused as to why you posted a reply 2 weeks later on when me and tokenfire has settled our ways between us both. If you no longer respect me, then thats that and I cant do anything else about it really.
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  20. Id appreciate if you could contact me and us both sort out our issues
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    Can you guys please just leave it alone and move forward. Thank you.
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    The point I was making was stop continuing this.
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