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    Well se1by has not had much time latly, atm its on hold but were looking into it more. and me and se1by will deside to give it for around a cost of $80 paid to him :)
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    Why not get one from me, for only $20? It's really customizable.
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    Hm depends i want for list of features and then im might buy it becasue se1by has not been relpying or helping me please post full list here :)
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    I already bought it off him around 3-4 months ago - I'm pretty sure I was his first customer on this sort of plugin.
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    no i actually was his first, me and him created it 1 day after enjin api came out, he had never made this type of plugin befoure. so its taken time
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    I may be after this for my server...

    You dont happen to have any examples to show it in action, do you?
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    • Customizable message to display when a player donates
    • Multiple commands for each rank
    • Aliases for groups
    • Customizable time to check the API
    You can see a live example at
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    I'm currently rewriting it for kyle, I also think about making it free and open source.

    and yes, I found my mistake and am pretty sure that the upcoming version will work :)
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    Can we maybe make this public? alot of people need this
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    I need a tester for my version.
    contact me - first come first serves.
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    Been contacting you for weeks on skype no reply -.- please consider talking to me since i did reward you for it a we created it :)
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    @Technius IM willing to pay $20 for it is that okay :confused:
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    Md_5 has one for free.
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    Really?! Where can I find it? Free right!
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    md_5 take it away
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    Edit: took out some bits.
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    Shop and shopping are the wrong wording for this. Donations and gifts work, hence Buycraft, and a pretty legit way at that. So in all honesty I'm not a fan of Enjin. (Get a real web site any way they're 5 dollars.) Technically speaking your "buying" a Minecraft object (Itemstack) or an Ability that was created by net.minecraft.server and modified by bukkit from your store. So in essence your "selling" Minecraft Objects, Build Rights, Whitelist, ect, making Omnitv right. And you have to guarantee the receipt of the object.

    There is a similar discussion here

    In the same instance, donating to someone for they're time and effort is quite a bit different then selling every or any portion of the game or even having a pay server. I'm honestly tired of seeing every Enjin fanboy trying to sell they're server and everything on it, and squawking about us not creating a plugin to do it for them.
    Besides a plugin like this isn't hard to create. JSONObjects are no secret. I considered making this but I really don't feel like making up a terms of service and finding a licence fitting for this situation. People get brutal when it comes to money.
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    Im not going to go door to door mailing them this, That would be pointless.

    as Deathmarine stated, Yes Donations are a form of money and with the broad definition, However it is kinda of a
    line, of monetization Personally I would be careful and not use it too often. As many seem to get the wrong idea that you are Paying for it.
  21. 1born2kill

    I made a tutorial on how to integrate buycraft into a website.
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