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    Hello, i got a private server with some friends, its a survival world. i also want to build something like a bank (without cheating) or something, non cheated so i thought maybe someone can make a plugin wich let you only put something in a chest, and only someone with permission can take items out of the chest. i hope everybody understand me because i cant speak verry good english :p
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    No, sorry thats not what i am looking for, i'm looking for a plugin which let everybody donate items in 1 chest (everybody can see the items, but nobody can take them) and only the owner of the chest can take the items (donations) out of the chest. (everybody else can only deposit items in the chest)
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    Ye i use that ^^
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    There is one in development that's actually called DonationChest, but they won't let you download it yet.

    Also, there is a donation feature in LWC, but it requires Spout to use.

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