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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by adi0115, Aug 10, 2016.

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  1. This plugin allows players to right click blaze powder in their hand and they get fire pacrticles circle around them (rougly 2 blocks away around the player) when another players enters within the cicrle, they take damage.
    I would like message broadcasted when the player right clicks the blaze rods and activates the dominator mode, message for cooldown with time until the cooldown ends, in config I would like all mesages customizable, customizable cooldown time and amount of damage taken inside the cicrle, for exmample half a heart every 500 miliseconds.
    /dm reload
    dm.reload - permission to reload the plugin
    dm.use -permission to use this ability
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  3. Do you have an estimated time when this could be done?
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    I'm afraid not. It can take a while. I go tot my GF for 3 days now

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  6. Okay, @adi0115 would you like the players to get burned when they walk into the particles?
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  7. Sorry, I cannot make this plugin;
  8. Could anyone else make it?
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    I will look into this but no promises.
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  10. You think you could make this?
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  11. Can anyone do this?
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    I'll try this. It might require an external library - is that okay?
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  13. Sure
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    Question: Do you want dominator mode to last indefinitely, or is the "cooldown" how long it lasts? What determines when it's over, etc.

    And what does the cooldown signify? How long a player has until they can use it again?
  15. I didn't think about how long it would last, I only though about how long you have to wait to activate it again, which is the cooldown. I guess how long it lasts can be set in the config, such as 120 ticks ect.
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    Plugin complete! Let me know if you need anything changed or if you encounter any bugs. Use %s in place of the number of seconds remaining in any config strings that apply.

    Commands & Permissions:

    /dm reload - Reloads the config.

    dm.reload - Allows for use of /dm reload.
    dm.use - Allows the player to enter Dominator Mode upon clicking the specified item ID in the config.
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  17. Thanks a lot, it works great, just the way I wanted :)
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    Awesome :) Mark it as "filled" :D

    EDIT: I noticed that I forgot to send the particle packet to ALL players. Fix made, redownload the plugin from the same link and reload. Now all players can see the particles, not just you.
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  19. @Jake861 I have found out that some people started to abuse it at spawn and kill people, could you make so you can do /dm pos1 & /dm pos2 so the dominator dosen't give damage to people at that area? Or maybe worldguard support? Not sure which one is easier.
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    Added commands:

    /dm wand - Provides a selection wand. Left click to select left top, right click to select right bottom.
    /dm whitelist <name of area> - Creates a damage whitelist area that prevents people from taking dominator damage using the selected area with the wand.
    /dm whitelists - Lists all whitelist areas by name.
    /dm removewhitelist <name> - Removes a whitelist area by its name.

    Permission added:

    dm.whitelist - Allows for /dm wand, /dm whitelist, /dm whitelists, /dm removewhitelist, and for wand selection.
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