Does your Bukkit server have a website?

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Does your Bukkit Server have a website?

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    I've done some hunting around and noticed that quite a few servers don't have proper websites.

    Does your server have a website? Answer above.

    If you do have a website:
    What could be improved? Answer Below.

    If you don't have a website:
    What has stopped you from getting a website? Answer Below.

    I appreciate your feedback.
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    got a small one. just place to post what plugins we use and news updates
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    Mine is used as a central hub for all server communications. It just broke 1300 members. I can't imagine running a large server without one.
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    planning on using a free forum host.
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    Yup, I also don't know what I would do without running a server without a website, even though it is quite small. My website handles donations, encourages people to vote for us on Minestatus, and has regular news updates about important server issues.

    WHaattt? The Hunger Games is awesome! ;D

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    Shut up; troll. The series is overuse, and i hate stuff that is overused
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    Meh, the movie was alright though, I would probably understand your point if I had read the books first.

    Jaker232 By the way, if you need any help with setting up Forums I could provide you with super cheap hosting, and I would set it up for you. PM me if you are interested :)

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    I'd use forumotion.
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    I think I'll end this here to be honest. Didn't realise it would spawn an advertising campaign.

    I started the thread because when I ran a server I didn't like using forum packages for an entire website and thought other people would like the same. For which I'd build websites.

    However, this thread has turned out to be unhelpful. 0 people have answered the questions.
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    Yep :) It helps the community become more of a community and can easily handle donations..etc
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    I think having a website is important; quick introduction to your server and then the actually important things.

    Currently working on my website and adding things to the "Player Portal" which handles donations, voting and will do a lot more soon.

    The most important thing which I literally constantly work on is its design and how functional it is.

    Xenforo is the way to go... it costs a lot so you will need to save up however once you get it, the software is amazing! Only had my license for less than a month and still loving it!

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  15. IMO wordpress is equal to or better than XenForo - Click my sig for my servers website
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    How can you compare an open-source blogging CMS to a paid forum software?
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  17. A wild SpaceBukkit dev appeared! Just IMO XenForo isnt that great and not worth the price tag
    also can you check your thread for a message from owufail
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    Yes I do have a website :)

    Honestly there is a lot I need to improve, really I would like to redo the entire site, it just seems...not good.
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    A Site it Vital to any Server growing from a little server to a large one A couple of other good things to have are a Forum And if you have the time and Staff a Wiki Check my site out
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    Plus its only $40 USD to renew your license :) so the start up is just really expensive.
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    I have a website as well as a buycraft webstore
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    I really don't want to pay $140 for a forum.... I have the money, just don't want to spend it on that.
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    It's a good investment though, worth every penny :D
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    Lol, it was super effective :D Don't get me wrong, I think Wordpress is revolutionary, and I developed much with it back in the old days. But the two of them do entirely different things. You can extend Wordpress to be a forum, and you can extend Xenforo to be a blog, but neither will be as good as the other one.
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    I have one :)
    Got a radio station, IRC, forums (MyBB), wiki, pretty much everything I need :D
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    Wordpress and a free theme. Info page has a smattering of php in it to handle server stats and info.

    MyBB and a free theme, with one or two minor changes. Ridiculously fast also.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Gotta have a website. I recently switched from Xenforo to IPB. They're are both awesome, but IPB offers a few awesome features that XF doesn't

    This is a project i've been working on to replace my current site. (built from scratch)
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    Mister Slate

    Does your Bukkit server have a website? Sure.
    What could be improved? Don't know yet. ;-)


    German language, but with "Google Translate" plugin.
    You'll find some infos, some pictures and some downloads there. It's a small private server and I created the website 'cause it's another hobby of mine.

    Oh, and if you have suggestions on how to improve the website, please feel free to leave a comment at the blog, download section or at the galleries. English language is okay even if it's a German website. :)
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    I doesn't feel like a lot has got a website that is not wordpress or another form of community.

    I've got a website I did myself out of boredness, ended up fairly okay. Nothing huge, just mainly to display information.

    The only thing I really do not like is the background image, it's not 1080p so large screens will display it tiled and there is also a mousearrow in the picture. Just been lazy to fix it o.o
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