Does this plugin exist - and if it does not, should I see if I can get it created?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by jasvecht, Jan 30, 2012.

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    My budget is getting rather low so I hope it does exist. But I can't seem to find it while it seems pretty basic and seems like a really good idea to me.

    Basically a help plugin that enables you to send help messages to players. For example,

    you create a file named "creative.txt" in a directory named "building" in the plugin folder. Then fill it in with a description.

    NewPlayer1 asks in game "HI CAN I GET CRETIVE MOD???????"
    Player2 uses /help building creative > NewPlayer1

    It then sends to NewPlayer1
    ===Directory: building - Subject: building===
    This server does not offer Creative Mode to normal players. This is a survival server and we feel mining and earning your resources makes the satisfaction of building greater, offering Creative to some would overshadow any "pure" players and destroy this effect.
    We do however offer some starting kits. Use "&3/help building kit&f" for more information on this.
    Use /more for further information on the workings of the server.
    =========Send to you by: Player2=======

    With permissions node and/or cooldowns to prevent spamming someone with them. Perhaps pages support would be nice.
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    I'm pretty sure some of the chat-plugins support this already!
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    You sure on that? I used bChatManager, HeroChat and mChatSuite and none offered anything close to this IIRC :oops:
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    Does HeroChat still work with 1.1?
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    Was not sure now, It sounded like something that should be in any respectable chat-plugin though ;)
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    Something similar would be mcdocs.
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