does anyone else get pinged constantly by mine realm?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lacrosse1991, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Just noticed in netstat that I am being pinged continuously by minerealm, and I mean multiple times per second, was just wondering if that happens to anyone else? if they dont knock it off soon though I will give them a taste of their own medicine ;)
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    Do you need help? Why is this in the help section.
    TnT please move this to some where else, Offtopic most probably
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    had mostly posted it here since they are a probably cause behind connection reset spam, the messages coincide perfectly with them doing whatever they are doing :/ would it be best ot move this to general discussion?
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    Well yeah i agree. most probably this should be moved to Minecraft Discussion. ^_^
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    sounds good :) will most likely end up reporting them to their isp/datacenter provider if they dont knock it off by the end of the day, not cool of them to do that
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    Sounds like you signed up to some sort of server list ran by them, and their list is checking your server for stats/uptime.

    Crazy to be doing it that often though.
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    indeed, strange thing is that ive only just recently changed my testing server from canary over to bukkit, so have not really submitted to anything, beginning to wonder if a plugin or something of the sort called home and submitted my ip and such

    hell yes :D ended up telling iptables to block all connections from minerealms, and once I did the the connection reset spam that I have been getting for about 12 hrs stopped! Now just have to figure out how they got a hold of my ip, curious if somone thats work with dynmap is affiliated with minerealms as pings did not start coming in till after I gave dynmap a try last night

    ok so blocking their ip from connection to the server (used iptables to do so) fixed the connection reset spamming problem that ive had for the past day, so ive gone ahead and have written up a little tutorial along with an explanation of what was going on and how to block them and have posted it in the discussion section in case they are doing the same to anyone else :)

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